Thursday, June 7, 2012

FanGirling Suzanne Roces

I've been hearing the term 'fangirling' from my friends who like KPop or JPop idols. 

"Okey..."-- that's how I would usually react. They are like crazy people, literally jumping for joy, blushing & screaming when they see their favorite idols on pictures and video. So that's how I pictured 'fangirl' in my mind. 

But it was only  til last Sunday when I actually had the 'feel' of it....but not to a Kpop or Jpop idols. (though I actually like some of them) 

I watched the Shakey's V-League Season 9 Finals Game at the San Juan Arena last Sunday and I knew right then and there, when I saw my volleyball idol Suzanne Roces that I would turn into a fangirl. (yeeee) 

The ubiquitous color of the day...--YELLOW

There she is..#4 Roces!!!!

During their warm up! 

..and the crowd goes wild!! 

That night, when the game ended...I waited at the gate taking my chances of seeing her from a close distance. I felt that somehow it would turn futile..but still I persisted. I knew that I couldn't contain the surfacing of the 'fangirl' in me. I scanned the different exits...and waited. Finally, there!! I saw her!! 

I didn't know what to do when I got very close. uhmmmm.....I can't remember if I froze or stuttered. 

When I was finally able to gather courage, I approached her who was then busy in accommodating a lot of fans. I dreaded that I would be turned down, coz I knew for sure that she was tired from the game. Surprisingly, she was all smiles! And another blink I already had pictures of/with her and an autograph. 

I couldn't contain my happiness!!!! I wanted to jump but I didn't have anybody to share it with. Sadly, I went to the games alone. :(

Anyway, my happiness outweighed that fact so I was able to do what a fangirl should. Below are some of the proofs.

Our picture together. Yeah a little blur but as long as her face is was totally fine with me. Who was I to complain? 

(Ayun naputol. Kainiss. ) 

And this was her autograph!!!!


I wanna...



These are some of her official pictures from the game. (They are not mine) 

She didn't have much chance to play but I think she did well when she was inside. 

I'm not sure if this will be the last of my fangirling moments. 

By the way, anybody here who wants to watch volley games next season/conference?


  1. sorry Jill, long time no visit ako.. haaay...

    i love this post.. brought back old times lalo when my college friends and i would go to the gym to watch our college's (engineering and architecture) match (mapa volleyball or basketball, men or women's, kase meron at merong barkada or ka-group, hehe) as a break from reviewing or group studying. i think that i wouldnt have graduated on time pag walang group studies kami non, hehe..

    1. hahahaha buti ka pa nakapagstudy group. Most of the time ko dati ay self study. Thanks for the comment Ms. Jehan!

  2. Replies
    1. ? Are you the who I think you are?


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