Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Starting...

I am starting a new journey with this book that my new employer has given me. 

Actually, I was quite surprised to when on my first day of work..they gave me a set of office stuff inluding this book. It was such a warm welcome that I almost cried. 



On a different note, I am happy that more & more stores are using the recyclable paper instead of plastic bags. Just imagine how greatly it'll lessen our non-biodegradable wastes. I saw MINI STOP & JOLLIBEE starting this campaign a few weeks ago. 

By the way, how's everybody doing? I don't have that much time to stay on the world wide web so I rarely get to update this & the rest of my social networking sites. 

I miss you all!! 

Let's all stay happy & healthy!! 


Sunday, February 5, 2012


Since I've resigned from my previous employer..I feel like I've been wandering the streets. Not literally though,...But it was exhilarating I can't explain. I felt emancipated & finally I can do whatever I want. While looking for another full time job, I've decided to have a part-time online teaching job to sustain my daily needs. The flow of money stops but that doesn't mean my bills will cease as well. 

So my work for the day starts at 7pm and ends at 12midnight. This may be hard..knowing that aside from my own bills, I have my family back in my hometown to support..but I can't explain the feeling. I feel so optimistic about the future. At last, I have something to look forward to how I was in my younger years. It feels good to be a child at heart & spare yourself of the burdens & worries of the world. 

So on during my free time I wander around SM Megamall. It was not to go shopping..I just wanted to .... feel & savor the moment. I observe people, & immerse myself with the novelty of the experience. One time, out of the blue I decided to grow a plant so I bought this flowering plant. 

The store @Sm  Megamall

I was definitely enamored by these.

I still remember how blissful it feels to be surrounded by plants. Back in our hometown, my mother in her younger years loved to plant & I must say she & my father definitely has a green thumb. Unfortunately I didn't inherit it. I guess my thumb is pink? (hehehe)

Pimpled me.

So here's the one I decided to grow..I started with one first...


I was just convinced that I don't have a green thumb when this one eventually died. =( I don't know what happened. 

This new lifestyle has also led mo to doing things I've been longing to do..




... drinking..


..seeing the sunrise above the busy city...

seeing the sun set...

& just live.

Yes that's right. I've been living..and not just surviving. And eventhough worries about my future expenses threaten... I can't seem to stop smiling these days.