Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hooked with beads!!!

Recently a blog about accessory making caught my attention. It boasts of it's different colorful creations of earrings, bracelets & etc made of beads...I've long been planning to try it as a hobby but I just can't seem to find time to do it!
..but here I am again..reliving my aspiration to pursue my artsy side.

Another blog named yellowpop also adds encouragement. So this coming salary day, I'll make sure to buy tools & beads!

heheh Quiapo here I come!

anyway here are some pictures from their blogs.

here are yellowpop's creations.

These are from another blog 'My Daily Bead' I like the zigzag style!

this one looks like a fierce vine in the jungle!

I think this one is perfect for a casual look!

Photo from the 'Bead Snob'

This is the starter's kit I plan to possess.

I have also checked the locations/stores in Quiapo where I can buy the tools & the beads. I am so excited! Salary day seems so far!!

Christmas is just around the corner so making these accesories can be a source of income too. I hope. Plus I think I can save a lot in giving this as present instead of just buying ready-made ones.

Merry Christmas to all!


"malamig ang simoy ng hangin...masaya ang bawat tanawin..."

(tama ba lyrics ko? hehe I miss blogging so much!)


  1. parang ang sarap naman magpabili sayo, kkk
    recently, ang dami kong naiisip gawin na decors for my baby's room.. haay..
    so limited stuffs here. kung meron man, sobrang pricey talaga...
    i pray we all succeed in all your endeavors.

  2. hahaha just message me here Ms Jehan! No prob! I'd be happy to.

    yeey sana nga matuloy to!

  3. ayos yan Jill kasi mukhang mahilig ka naman sa mga accesories na ganyan diba? dadami na ang laman ng burloloy kit mo if ever..^^ I like the zigzag style.. sana matuloy para I can see posts on your new designs and projects as well. aja!

  4. @Laine: hi again!! yes sana nga matuloy! wish me luck!!


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