Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sad Post

Kahit anong precaution pala ang gawin mo, kahit anong ingat..di ka pa rin talaga 100% ligtas sa mga halang ang kaluluwa. 

Nakakainis! Nakakapanghina! Nakakapanlumo! 

Last October 7 Friday, another terrible thing happened to me. 

It was raining heavily when I got off from the jeep. I just needed to walk a short distance to reach our doorstep when suddenly a motorcycle passed by. I usually get alarmed when I hear motorcycles at night because of what happened to me before. (I got mugged by 3 guys riding a motorcycle. They took everything except my clothes) So I got  an icky/scared feeling right away. But when I saw  the person manning it was a huge one, neatly clad in decent 'kapote', my fear suddenly subsided. He looked healthy/well-fed & decent-looking. But when he randomly stopped & stooped down to his motorcycle just more or less than 30 steps away from me, I got alarmed again. I stopped walking & started taking the the opposite direction. When he noticed what I was doing he brought out something & pointed it towards me. He made a gesture like he was holding a gun but I could see that it wasn't a gun. It was a small knife. Mind you I was like 8 meters away from him then but that didn't stop the overwhelming fear to succumb me into unexplainable panic. I ran as fast as I could while looking at him. You can imagine my body twisted somehow. My upper torso was facing the attacker while the lower torso was eager to reach the farthest opposite end. The rain pouring heavily made the road slippery so I tripped & became numb. At the sight of this, my younger brother (20 yo), who was waiting for me ran towards us & the next thing I saw was a brawl. My brother was avoiding an attack & he stumbled. Judging from his look, I knew he couldn't take the bastard down so we just decided to save our lives. Good thing the man just went to his motorcycle & opted to leave. 

After that, a few guys went out of their houses trying to know what the commotion was about. One guy asked me "Bakit di ka sumigaw te?" They thought it was just a brawl between drunkards. I asked the same question to myself. "Bakit nga ba di ako sumigaw?"

The heavy outpour of the rain overpowered me. I felt like I couldn't win against the screaming drops of water. I felt helpless. 

The next day, my father texted my brother & asked about when I got mugged. I was surprised coz I haven't told them about it & I didn't have any plan to do so since that would just surely drive them into panic. Someone saw my bag somewhere & got my father's number from my company ID. So I was able to retrieve my bag containing my kikay kit, atm, and wallets sans the money and thank god my IDs' .

I'm still reeling in shock.


  1. Oh gosh. There's no more safe places here. :( I'm thankful that you did not get harmed and that you got your things back. Sana makarama yang animal na yan. Dapat talaga putulan ng kamay ang mga magnanakaw e.

  2. Jill! I'm glad you're physically okay and alive! I've also been mugged 2 times (bag slasher & holdapers) pero hindi kasing traumatic ng experience mo na naka-motor pa talaga..O_O I think talagang hindi ka makakasigaw sa sobrang shock. In my case, all I can think of was "Bakit nangyayari sa akin to?" Totoo tlaga na bad things can happen to good people. Since then, super paranoid na ako sa mga taong naglalakad sa likod ko at laging nasa harap mga bag ko. *sigh* You can overcome this Jill...Be strong and stay safe!

  3. Jill, oh, so glad you're safe. talagang hindi na rin katiwa tiwala mga mukhang desente ngayon. si mama ko rin, nabudul budol gang for how many times sya dumala sa akin sa laguna noon. my mom is too trusting that all people around her are kind. yun pala mga gang na, bata man or matanda, lalaki or babae.. mukhang nangangailangan ng pera or mayaman, pare pareho na lang ngayon..

    sana mahuli din yun in the end. grabe noh? my god talga.. haay...

  4. I'm so glad you're safe now. I honestly felt your fear while reading this, Jill. I hope nothing like this would ever happen to you again. Stay safe.

  5. Hi people. Thanks you so much for the concern..I really appreciate them. Reading your comments made me a little teary eyed.

    @Helen: Yeah I hope that happens so that they will be recognizable wherever they go.

    @Laine: Tama. Grabe super paranoid na din ako. I really hope I can overcome the trauma. Don't eorry I'm working on it =)

    @Jehan: I agree. We can't be too complacent. You know it's really good to feel & think that all the people around you are nice & kind. It's a really good feeling. I bet your mom is a really loving & gracious person. But I think it will take a long time for me to go back to that state. (sigh)

    @bittersweet: Thank you so much po! I hope so too. Stay safe din po!

    Stay safe people!!


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