Saturday, May 26, 2012

"My Commute's" Milestone

I've been lazy for the past few months and to be honest, none of my most recent updates were post-worthy. I know that's pretty harsh to say about myself /my blog but just being honest here. I always had a lot of inspirations of what to post, but by the time I got to face the computer, the excitement has already waned. :(

But this time, I had to make an effort, especially since I consider this period of my life as a milestone. 

My Commute --- that's the name of my blog. This documents my ramblings and sentiments about varied topics and this was started when I landed a full time job while studying which became my bread & butter ever since. When I started this, I thought it was a major leap towards a broader horizon. But just recently, I realized I didn't go too far. From August of 2009 (this blog's anniv) til my last post, all of those journeys were in fact just short trips along small streets. But this time, my real journey begins. Right now, I feel like I'm not just treading streets but major highways. Real pathways to wherever my destination is. Like highways in urban areas, the journey is more dangerous, more risky and more uncertain. But I'm willing to take it all. I'm just starting a new life and I'm not gonna let my apprehensions get in the way. 

So sit back let's tread this together. 


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