Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rumblings of a Disillusioned Lass

Have you ever been mugged/held up? 

If you've been reading my previous blog posts, I guess there is no need for me to say that it happened to me thrice. Yes 3 times. And all of those involved little to not so much violence and struggles. But I'm not posting this to reminisce those horrifying experiences. I'm typing this to share how those experiences along with friends' and acquaintances' related stories have changed my perspective about life. 

If you've been mugged, then it's inevitable that you become paranoid in so many ways especially when you set footsteps beyond your house' door. Paranoid to the point that your friends and family think you are crazy. You can't really blame us. I always say It's better to be this way than to experience it again. puurahmis! 

I may be taking it 'half-humoredly' right now but let me say that it still haunts me otherwise. 

The worst effect it had to me was the fact that I was disillusioned about everything. I was already a cynical & a skeptical lass before it happened so just imagine how I am now.  

I want to trust life. to trust people. I know how great it feels like to see the world from an innocent child's eyes. When everybody can be you friend. 
But how can I be when I've seen the small dark side of it? 


  1. being cautious is one of life's lessons..
    take care ;)

  2. I haven't read your previous blogs but I can sense what you want your readers to feel. My question is, wouldn't it be nice to show how brave you truly are to once again see the goodness in everyone and in everything after being immersed in that small portion of sadness? As they say, we will never be able to appreciate what is good if we haven't seen what is evil, see the beauty of happiness without experiencing sadness, rise as a courageous warrior without being face to face with our fears.

    Hope I'm making sense.

    EK Encarnacion of Every-Comedy-Thing and Culinary Coliseum

  3. Thank you so much Hana & EK. It does make sense.


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