Thursday, July 5, 2012

Different Kind of Beauty

I just realized by now one of the factors why Filipinos' mentality of beauty connoted white skin, blonder hair & blue eyes.  It must be because of Barbie! 

Yeah the one we grew up with believing she was the epitome of beauty. However, I wondered why I didn't get too fond of it. I remembered playing with it once in a while but unlike other kids my age who couldn't go anywhere without it. 

What's wrong with Barbie? 

Nothing right? She's perfect. Little did I know that I was not looking for this kind of beauty.  

That I realized just last night when I saw 2 of my colleagues carrying a present from our Japanese guest. 


Japanese Dolls 

I got too fascinated with it so I ended up taking a lot of pictures. 

They are now displayed in the reception area of our office. Some colleagues cringe but some smile & get amazed at the sight of them. 

Aren't they pretty? In their own way? 

I like the demure one, the one in the middle. She looks like the a really dignified, demure & traditional Japanese woman. 

Go on.. you can stare. 



  1. the doll reminds me of Japanese geishas.. it's really pretty. and yes, she looks so refined and is more appealing to me, an Asian, hehe... i don't remember having a barbie doll. i sort of remember having big baby dolls that make crying sounds and blink their eyes.. i had real cooking pots and pans (ala ikea) over plastic ones... now that i'm a parent myself, i understand fully well my parents' intentions...

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