Sunday, August 12, 2012

Badminton Mania

The recent turn of events enlivened my long-concealed passion for sports. Although I know that I have a lot of physical limitations, I still do my best. 

The most recent one is my passion for BADMINTON. A friend & I started this group in the office & I am happy that our game schedules have been regular since then. 

Way to go team! hehehe

You know I find it kind of weird because I know I'm not gong pro or anything but I've been researching a lot about this sports. Like for instance, I've been stalking badminton super stars liek Lin Dan & his wife Xie Xiang. I also watch a lot of videos nowadays..-- how to improve this, how to improve that. My colleagues/badminton buddies also say that I'm a monster in the court. Not because I'm good but because I can play for straight hours. It's weird in a sense that I've never found myself this interested in anything. Sometimes I question myself if this is still healthy..hehhehe...and when I find out it's not..hmmm.. I don't think I would really care. 

I would like to take this opportunity to share what I've researched so far.

1.) CoachingBadminton - If you are looking for free videos, tips & instructions about badminton, then this is the best site to visit. 

2. Lin Dan - He is the best badminton player of all time and is now married to his long-time sweetheart, compatriot and fellow badminton player Xie Xiang. 

3. Kalayaan Badminton Center - this is where we regularly play. 

78 Kalayaan Ave., Central District, Q.C.
2 rubberized painted & 2 taraflex floorings
Contact: 4361522 | Membership: None
Peak hrs: 4pm-12mn P250 taraflex P160 rubberized | Offpeak hrs: 6am-4pm: P120 rubberized P210 taraflex
Court hrs: 6am-12mn  

That's all so far. 

I'll let you all know when I start competing. (fingers crossed) 


  1. Yung rates po ba nila per hour yun?

  2. Hi Kristina! Yes it is per hour. But now it's 275.00 :) Enjoy playing!

  3. do they have queuing?

  4. do they have queuing?

    1. Yes. It's every Saturday 8PM-12 midnight.


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