Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: The Year That Was(...,!!)

The mouse cursor keeps blinking in front of me.... I'm finding it harder to gather my thoughts and have something post-worthy here. It's taking it longer than expected. :(  Not that I'm pressured or anything. 

Adjustments. Adjustments. 
You see my last post is dated __________ August 12. 

Oh wait August 12? Wow that's so like long long time ago. :( Time really flies!!!! 

Apologies guys for the lack of post. I dunno I feel like I've been too busy and yes LAZY for the past few months. Will tell you more about that on a different post. hihihihihihi 

Anyway, why I am typing this now is because it's almost the end of the year. And of course, that calls for a year-end post or something of that sort.  I remember I had one for 2011.  

Hmm.... 2012. 

It would be an understatement if I say it's my best year so far.  

I've had the best days, minutes and seconds of my life this year and I can't thank Him enough for all the blessings. I feel like it would be a crime not to share them. 


My year started off with disappointments and heartaches that I dreaded the months to come for I thought they were bad omen. My request for leave of absence wasn't granted and then came the bad news that I would be transferred to another team. There's a big BUT here.  

I also got to meet my dear friend Tina. :) 


BUT the transfer to another team prompted me to just leave the company and now I consider it the best decision I've made so far. REALLY. I got the time to land a job at a  'rare company'. Have I said I love the job so much?  

It was February 15, 2012 when I started with the 'rare company'. 


-- The first ever company event that I helped organize. 

-- My first out-of-town business event. T'was in Baguio. 


Hundred Islands adventure!! 


Company Outing ala-Amazing Race.  We were the champion!!!

Team Green Mantis 

That's me climbing the ___ ft wall. I was nervous at first but knowing it was a race, I had to set it aside for the team.


-- RJ Phils Shuttlers  was born. The group is composed of colleagues who share the same passion for badminton. We've been having regular game schedules since then.   


-- 3 successful Tutor Gatherings! 

-- Been to Dumaguete!!! - First time to ride a plane. I know it's a pity. :)


At Florentina Homes Dumaguete City

Right after the event. 

-- Celebrated my 24th birthday at work in Iloilo City while I was on an important business duty. Had a surprise birthday cake from Kuya Mars. (yipee)

-- Been to Guimaras Island. 




Started hmmm... dating? I guess it's around this time. ♥




My first ever mountain climbing adventure at Pico de Loro. 

That was me at the monolith. 


-- 3 successful Tutor Gatherings 

-- Been to Cebu & Davao 

-- Year-end party 

With all the blessings I received, all the wonderful people I've met, all the hardships I've overcome, all the wisdom gained...I can say I owned 2012!!! 

2012 was my year...... 2013 can you top it up? It would be hard but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :) 


  1. Wow saan yung parang nasa tuktok kayo ng bundok? di ba nakakatakot dun :D

  2. @Rupert sa Pico De Loro Cavite po. For more info about the place here's a link:


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