Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Blog,

..hello I'm back my dear blog!!

I've been away from you for like 2 weeks?? I'm not really sure..sorry.

you know I was just around your sister blog about my school. I've been busy doing 'public service' there so I hope you'll understand.

more & more fellow students there have been served & I feel really happy when they give their feedbacks through themessages on facebook.

I feel some sense of achievement & fulfillment with that. but of course I feel the same way for you's just that ithad to be dealt with immediately.


  1. haha! cute post... i got your mailing address already..

    have a nice weekend, Jill!

  2. nakakatuwa 'tong post na ito,,, ^_^
    i hope maka-update ka na uli...


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