Friday, April 9, 2010


HELLO!!! I'm back!! with a new LAY OUT!! I am so happy to be back..hehhehe..

New LAY OUT comes with a new ME. not that I am more feminine now or something..the flowers..butterflies..clouds...doesn't reflect WHO I AM now..but what I want!!

Things are getting more & more complicated as we age...our body age as well as our soul but there are times that I wanna go back to being a child. Where I can just pLAy all day without any worries.

I so loved to be in this kind of world (manifested by the layout)..peaceful, idyllic for the mean time of course. coz..inspite of all the complexities of the world I live in..I am still happy & grateful of it! I like the challenge..maybe I just need a break(?)..

speaking of a break..hmm...

It is now our vacation from school..thanks God!! I can now have time to sleep longer..

that should have been the case..but here I am...planning to have another homebased job similar to what I'm doing right now...

...coz every single day..I've been longing to support/assist my parents financially. Since I'm studying I couldn't help them with the finances. I hate myself for being incapable. I so long to give my younger siblings a baon...a with with them in just one roof..see how they all grow that at least they recognize me as their sister.

My youngest brother who's now 3/4 years old(?)

I want to do a lot of things at the same time...and I keep doing something about it. But it just worsens the situation..I should do these ONE STEP AT A TIME.


  1. sorry..I find the previous layout(butterflies/birds a bit inappropriate)

  2. Jill...welcome back! tagal mo din hindi nag-update. :)
    Anyway, why don't you try turo ng English by phone??

    Take care! and sana regular ka na uli makapag-update ^_^

  3. thanks April..namiss ko kayo!! hehhehe

    nga english teaching..that's my job eight now. I'm planning to dohomebased.

  4. Jill! hope you enjoy your vacation and have more time to do things that you wanna do..^^ don't worry, you may not seem able to help your family now but I think you're a hardworking person so.. you'd get there soon! take care..~

  5. that's the way to do it, one step at a time.. don't worry time will come and you'll be able to do evrything, well probably not everything but the ones you're hoping to accomplish the most in life.. for now stay happy.. ^_^.


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