Thursday, April 29, 2010


(An Issue at work)

The account that I have right now will soon be transfered to our CEBU branch.. "GOODBYE to all my students".

I wish that's easy too easy to say..without me crying like a child.

8 of my students now are like a friend & family to me.

Some of them have been with me for almost a year & others for 8-6 months..

THEY have been a part of my life..and they said I have been a part of their lives as well.

When I was saying GOODBYE to "LINU" -- I broke down to tears.

I couldn't help it. I couldn't talk for like 2 mins..he thought I hang up already.
I wish I can evade what's inevitable.

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

YES! I am lucky! ^^

I know that...but I hope I can force myself to feel that as well.
I know time will make everything fine...I will someday forget them...but I DON'T want to.
So I am making a list here
of my students' names.
1. Park Jin Sub - Linu
2. Kim Hyun Soo
3. Joo Hye Jung
4. Lee Yoo Mi
5. Jung Mi
6. Kim Jung Soo
7. Jo Young Jin
8. Son Jeong Hwan
I will mis you all my DEAR students.
Sorry..I'm not good at this.


  1. wow that's really sad...i remember the time when i had to say goodbye to my online students too! most of them had been my student from the time I started online teaching..
    the saddest part about it was that I wasn't allowed by the owner to tell my students that I filed for a resignation cos the students might not re-enroll...I was told to say goodbye on my last day but I did a week before haha..
    Until now...a year and a half later...I still communicate to most of them.. ^^
    Goodbyes are really hard...hope you'll be alright.

  2. oh the same here.

    but the reason is different. They all thought I'll be resigning.

    yes it's hard.

    thanks april! ^^

  3. I had a teacher who once told me: "Even if sometimes we have to say goodbye let our byes be good."...^^ I'm sure your students had learned a lot from you..~


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