Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MRT experiences.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT
MRT is a haven for those who are always in a hurry... Although there are times na "nagkakatulakan"..pwede na rin.
"Survival of the Fittest" na lang.
mula sa takbuhan para makahabol...hanggang sa siksikan sa loob...MRT has already been a part of my life.
It is where I spend my 'kawalan' moments...where I get my 'observation' subjects..and where I meet many different faces of all ages.
so sa mga di pa nakakaexperience..I think you are missing something so try it. But I don't promise a good ride. Its like a way of life.
Sometimes it's smooth..sometimes it's 'shaky', sometimes it's bumpy and sometimes it's heaven.
try it for yourself.
in this post..I just wanna share what I have experienced so far in this mode of transportation.
Aside from the ticket we can buy from the MRT booth there are also other mediums.

1. This Kit Kat CARD - based on my experience this is not really a good one. I've tried using this. At first it was heaven. SO easy. You just have to tap it in front of a scanner or something. But there was a time where the station's (ortigas) scanner was OFFLINE. So i couldn't use the CARD. What are you suposed to do? purchase a TICKET. This is just a HASSLE.
I was really in a hurry that time so I couldn't really forget this KIT KAT CARD experience.
and by the way the CARD is for 50.00 with KIT KAT chocolate and I think it has 1 ride free inside. In order to reuse this..you have to reload it from LOADING STATIONS that are almost NOWHERE to find.
MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

2. There's also the G from GLOBE. - I haven't used this so I have no specific details.
MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

3. The tickets from vending machines - kadalasan mahaba din nag pila dito.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT
guards are everywhere to ensure the safety of the passengers. Kahit minsan nakakainis at nakakatakot sila manita.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

I've been an MRT & STORED VALUE TICKET user for almost 2 years now but I've just learned today it's policies/guidelines mentioned below:
1. Stored Value Ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
2. Multiple Rides Ticket
3. with last Ride BONUS - eventhough you only have 1 peso left on your card, you can still use it for another ride. Be it to the farthest destination.
4. Folded or Damaged tickets will not be accepted for refund
5. Lost tickets shall be charged from he farthest destination.
6. Passengers MUST exit within 75 mins. (allowable stay) from the time off enytry.. Additional charge equivalent to the maximum fare shall be charged for overstaying - now this is something really new to me. This means "bawal tumambay" sa MRT.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT



1. No food, drink & pets allowed!!
I was on my way to the Quezon Ave Station when I decided to buy a BIG GULP from 7eleven.
I arrived at the gate where the bags are to be checked and I was so annoyed (at myself) I think when the guard told me it's not allowed inside. I tottaly forgot. I glared at the lady guard for not letting me in. I was displacing my anger to her. Since I was in a hurry again..I decided to just throw the drink away. nakakainiss yun!
2. Baggages are to be checked. STRICTLY.
small bags & packages are sometimes 'nakakalusot'..
but BEWARE. If you have big luggages expect to be annoyed by the guards. They will really check it inside out. Even the wrapped gift.
They will really insist on opening it. So the nicely wrapped surpise will now look torn & old.
and I think that would be all for now.
I'll update this post when I get to experience something new again.
The pictures used in this POST are not MINE. I randomly copied them from the web.


  1. Wow! Applause for this post!

    I used to ride MRT regularly when I was working in Ortigas and LRT 2 (purple line) when I was in college and I agree survival of the fittest talaga!

    I also make 'observations' inside the train..haha or sometimes nag-mumuni muni ako.

  2. haha uu nga!!

    thanks April!^^

    san ka sa Ortigas nagwork?

  3. I enjoyed reading this,, I grew up in the province and I only had a chance to see part of Manila when I worked as a nanny,,(sa Tondo pa :),,and when I processed my papers in the embassy.. noon LRT ako sumasakay puntang SM, at dahil probinsyana laging kinakabahan! lol! takot ma-hold up! :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. a thanks po "ILOCANA" for appreciating this post!

    ah so I think they(mrt & LRT) are almost the same except of course of the destinations or stations.

    hahaha yung kinakabahan at takot maholdap ..I experienced that too when I was new here..kasi sa probinxa exaggerated about sa Manila.

  6. great post! actually, on my way back here last Sept., I met up with my friend at Trinoma and decided to just take the MRT until Taft. I had a luggage with me. The lady guards were kind enough not to rummage through it completely since i willingly submitted my luggage for inspection. had i taken a bus or taxi, i would have been late for my flight. the traffic along EDSA was really awful...

    as for the inspection, especially about drinks, it's high time to really reasses the policy/safety guidelines. most often than not, the guards just let us open our bags for the sake of having your bag opened for inspection without them really checking. i also experienced buying a drink before entering, forgetting about the no food and drinks policy, and was forced to drink just about half of it and trashed it. they should really define what type of liquid or gel should not be accepted inside.

  7. @Jehan -- haha uu nga! tinry ko din ubusin talga yung drink.pero di ko kaya! sayang no??

  8. wait jill....ask ko lang...allowed bang mag-pic sa loob ng train or kahit sa station? In LRT 2 kasi parang hindi..I would like to take pics cos there's a lot of nice view to see at Santolan station.... just wondering.

  9. di naman. wala naman sinabing bawal. may nakita ako nagpic dati.

  10. hi Jill! can you email me again your mailing address? with zip code din... thank you very much. actually, i decided not to send muna yung tiny package ko kase 1400 lang sinulat ko na zip code.. mas okay sana if yung zip code nyo talaga... thank you...

  11. Jill! haha...hindi tayo magkakasakay...LRT ako..as in yung may mga luma pang tren.. hay, asteeg talaga ang mga experiences sa MRT/LRT..ayoko lang talaga ang mga nanunulak at yung mga nanghahampas ng bag..huhu...talagang super umiinit ulo ko nun..pero di naman ako makaganti..*sigh*... nakababa na kasi ng tren ang masamang loob na walang galang sa kapwa niya pasahero! hahaha..nice post jill..^^

  12. @Laine: natawa naman ako sayo LAINE. at gusto talga gumanti?? heheh ganyan din naman ako..nagagawa ko yan minsn. titigan lang ng masama yung tao..lalo pag nagkasalubong ang tingin ninyo.

    at minsan di mo masisisi ang iba. kasi naitulak 'lang' din daw sila. pag madami na tao a pinto ka pa lang mamalayan mo na lang nasa dulo ka na! yay..nagkakasiraan ng BAG.

    TO ALL: I'm very happy you appreciated this post! muwaah!



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