Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Sentiments


I promise to be better everyday.
   I feel a little sad now. I've realized I'm not doing my best anymore. And I've grown lazy of all these.


How come I've  been merely 'existing' and not 'living' in this planet? =(


I miss school agad..


  1. ahh, it will pass.. just think happy thoughts, it will help.. :)

  2. ^^ yea.. I hope so too.


  3. I also felt the same way a few days ago. Like I was just moving through my life like a dream, as you said... "merely existing"...

    Now, I think that I must get through dark days of "existing" so I can also have my days of "living"... I believe they're kinda mixed..kkk

    If you aren't better today, just try again tomorrow! ^^ Let's live Jill! tc...


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