Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Blessing in disguise

I was ranting when I got the news that I'll b transfered again to another station. (kainiss talaga) I had to transfer alll my files and the sites I bookmarked from my old PC to my new one (here at work) ..while I was doing it I was cursing the world..(haha)..

then as I was starting in the new computer I found out that it has a web cam. I thought it wasn;t working so I ignored it at first. But then I tried clicking & manuevering it then woalla!! It's working. I'm so happy^^.

Now this station is better. hahahah...sorry world for my childish rant just a while ago. peace tayo!

here's a sample shot from the web cam..

ayan I sound ignorant..kaya lang na amaze talaga ako..like a kid who found a new toy!!

ABOVE:haha..pwede kaya gamitin to kahit wala akong video class? I need to be vigilant.

ABOVE:now..this feels better..hehe^^


  1. jill kakatuwa ka naman ^_^
    and oh by the way i like your new layout so cute...

  2. yeah..so do I.

    I feel....I feel...'clean' & 'organized' with it.


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