Thursday, February 25, 2010

..the image that shattered my day.. T.T

This is the image I'm talking about... Jehan posted a link where I could watch the 'Kim Yu Na Experience'. I was very excited & you know..the feeling like.."oh my this is it"???

then I saw this and oh.................................................



I'm an avid fan of Kim Yu Na.

Why am I deprived of the opportunity to watch her in winter olympics??


why oh why???


  1. frustrating isn't it?.. but why can't you not see or watch it there? I mean the rest of the world is watching the Olympics,, is it just that particular player or sport?.. well, hope you will be able to see the replay, ^_^..

  2. was this the video you wanted to see? ^^

    she made a new world record..~

  3. oh, this is really bad... honestly, i thought the site is available worldwide to accommodate the koreans abroad.. don't worry... the olympics is over now. maybe restrictions on uploading videos of events on youtube will be lifted.. i also still want to watch her performances with english commentaries...

  4. jill! it was shown on solar sports sa channel 9..

  5. hahhahaha...uu nga!!!!

    yay!! di ako nakakapanood TV eh/...heheheh sa net lang ko dependent sa mga ganito ...anyway you all so much...

    @Ms. Jehan -- thank yo pa din po ng marami..I didn't mean to make you feel bad!!

    @Laine -- thanks!! that's the one I'm looking for!!!

    @Ilocana -- yeah..I'm deprived of TV kasi eh..hehehe

    @April -- uu nga daw..kea lang I don't have time to watch TV.


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