Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blind People as Call Center Agents

this was a news way back last year but I've just read it today...(proves how outdated I am..hehehe)

...becauase of lack of Philippines' manpower in call centers the government has innovated a new trend...employing blind people as call center agents...

Next week, the Philippines will open its first ever call center that only employs blind persons, a milestone in the struggle of disabled people to cross the digital

The facility’s customized outbound call center software and refreshable
Braille display as hardware will allow totally blind individuals to provide
customer assistance while listening to the client on the phone and reading the
responses in Braille.

With the technology, the blind will hopefully gain
the same speed and efficiency as the sighted call center agent, ATRIEV

The launching ceremony for the project will be held on October 20
ATRIEV’s Training Center for the Blind in Quezon City.

The project is expected to be presented at the APEC Conference to be held in Singapore in November 2009. - GMANews.TV

Read the full article here: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/174743/philippine-call-center-to-employ-blind-people-only

This is a good opportunity for the blind to also become productive despite their handicap.... this will lessen unemployment and of course boost the economy.. really good idea right??? what do you think??? hahha but I think this should also be applicable to other handicap like crippled...hahha wag lang deaf & mute. siyempre.

I don't know effective this has become for I really don't hear any news about such... maybe it was just a plan???


  1. hi Jill! i made an article in response to your request to post the link where to watch the olympics...

    anyway, i hope the "no news is good news" saying applies to this endeavor... it's quite tiring to read and hear about government plans or platforms--kase hanggang don na lang... i hope it didn't fail.. if it failed for the blind, then they should offer it to those who are physically impaired but could still work for such challenging job...

  2. I am blind and very happy to read this news. It's now 11 2010 and I still don't know any friend who is working in a call center. Philippine government? Are we going to the moon next year?

  3. nice article. Maybe you're related to this community also I assume?

  4. That is a good opportunity to all blind to be a call center and that is really a good idea in that country.


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