Friday, February 12, 2010 sentimental..

... "family is an integral and major part of one's life."
"yeah right!!" -- I'd been hearing this numerous times from different people, friends & teachers. I just shrugged it off... "okay!!" I said.

in short I was apathetic about these things about family.. of course I have a family.. they were always behind me..and they made sure to just stay there...andun lang talaga sila palagi. sa likod.. they never bothered to look after me... .

"we trust you!"

"whatever you do we will support it"

they always say that... but instead of feeling good.. i felt bad. I took it negatively. So I struggled on my own..for my own. and just these days I realized it's importance.

I never would have been the girl that I am now...(independent & steadfast)

I used to think they exist so as for me to have something to call a family...para di ako mapahiya sa friends and classmates..ganun

now they served as my inspiration... i should prove that I'm worthy of the trust!


haissst....I'm just being so sentimental about these things coz my Mom will soon go back to the province again..she'd been staying with me for just a week...

ayun lang! not enough time for her to compensate for the times she missed to look after me. naglalambing lang naman ako..heheh anyway...

change topic bago magkaiyakan.

woooshh! katatapos lang ng fire works s alabas ng building... may dragon dance pa!! nice pero may traffic jam din..kaya masaya na inis mga driver..

gotta go!


  1. Yup, there were also times when I felt my family let me down but in the end, family is family. I know my friends can leave me but my family will always be there for me...~ oha! hehe...

    hehe... dragon dance? takot ako sa dragon dance..kkk..pero I'm a big fan of fireworks..^^


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