Sunday, February 7, 2010

My love named volleyball

I feel like a 60-year old lady right now. I can't walk straight. I can't be my bubbly self. I can't laugh hard without hurting my muscles. I can't jump & stretch like the way I used to here in the office. I can't visit my colleagues/friends' stations & annoy them. I can't even take my seat in my station without having cramps all over my body... o sakit ng buong katawan ko!!

And that is in exchange of the thrill, excitement & fat-lessening game called volleyball!

I played volleyball all weekend after my classes in school. It is in preparation for our Intramurals. Although I barely have enough sleep because of my studies & work schedule I still made sure that I can play for this year's intramurals. I love the game! actually...very much!! since I was like in gradeschool. But I wasn't given the opportunity. I chased oppurtunities then but they were evading me. Plus I didn't get any support from my parents so I was truly frustrated and discouraged. The game I loved soon left me. But after few year, the passion came back & making it's way into the limelight. not exactly. Now that I am fully independent from anyone I think I can now pursue it. But still obstacles come along. I have work and midterm exams but I will not let it again pass without even greeting me. I'll sacrifice some of my time & supposed to be rests for this. I don't wanna regret again that I did not try. This time I wanna make sure I failed after trying not failed to try.

I am not getting any younger you know... maybe in the future I'll have all the time for it but it wouldn't be the same. I will not be more energetic & vigorous in the future. I have to do this now.

It s now or never.


  1. now na! kkk. galing naman, you're active in your intrams even with exams and work...but I think if it's something that makes you happy, it's worth the sacrifice..right? body pains and intrams nga namin, isa lang akong dakilang taga-sigaw sa bleachers! yehey! go team!

    I also tried to play volleyball when I was in elementary but because of an unfortunate event,wherein the ball taught my nose was a bullseye, I got a massive nosebleed...and I figured some people are not just meant for sports...kkk.

    Good luck sa intrams! Fighting!~

  2. haha thanks for your encouraging words!!


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