Monday, February 22, 2010

.just updates.

I am too tired to post a worthwhile one right now. I was given additional work loads and the connection here in the office has been shut down from 2 hours after I settled in my station until now. I dunno what has been happening. T'was really a headache being unable to navigate through my "must read/visit" sites of the day.. I felt handicapped. I justrealize how dependent I've grown to the internet.


At last I am able to buy my own PC and it is now in my rented room...but it's still not working...still needs to fix something, buy this & buy that..but I am happy. Seeing it in my room makes me feel so giddy & thrilled of the things I could possibly do with it. next thing I' gonna earn for is the connection. But I'm having a hard time which one to avail. Some say broadband is good but others contest...they say DSL is better.

what do you think?? I am really clueless...

need some help here.


  1. hi jill! ^_^ we're using Globe broadband. This is what I have to say:

    1. nakabit agad mga less than a week lang.
    2. the service is really good, i mean customer service - if may problem ka nagpapadala sila agad ng tao to check it. Sa connection speed okay naman kaya lang may mga downtime minsan.
    3. ang panget lang kasi laging nakasaksak ung modem sa kuryente kaya pag brownout no internet no phone! pag DSL tuloy ang connection.

    Pero cguro mag-switch din kami to DSL pero with Globe pa rin.

  2. thanks april!!! ^^

    I appreciate that.

  3. Ei Jill! it's great you got your PC na..^^

    Sa bahay, we use PLDT DSL... ok naman ang speed at mabilis lang mag-connect. Kinuha namin yung PLDT Bundle Plan kasi may landline na kami..pero pag wala ka landline maybe it's 1,000 more yata. Kung may landline na, 2,000 and installation fee tapos may contract sila na one year (which means dapat, di mo pa tanggal ang DSL mo, kung ayaw mo na, you will pay a penalty yata na 2,000 or more)... Yung monthly bill mo will be 990/month landline & unlimited DSL.

    pwede ka ding mag-upgrade ng speed..pero di pwede ang downgrades..pero really ok naman yung basic speed nila.Usually nakakapag-webcam and chat naman kami flawlessly..(pero minsan parang huli yung cam images..minsan lang..voice quality is fine)

    Pag sa labas ako Smart Bro..may promo kasi sila last time na Php 995 ang plug-in starter kit. Depende ang speed niya sa signal ng smart sa area.hehe. pwede na rin..pero not that great. ^^, good luck!

  4. wow..very helpful guys...thanks so much!!!



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