Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Message to April

..just wanna reach April through this. (

I've read your post about 'The Other Avatar" and I so love to express my opinion about it..I made a comment but then your comment form doesn't show the space where I'm supposed to write the code/word... just wonderin..

hope she you can read this. By the way April, your posts are nice...I'm looking forward to more of it!


  1. jill, the secret to April's comment box is by highlighting the text (parang "select all") then you scroll down para matype mo yung code..kkk..~

  2. T.T

    wala pa din po eh.. i tried it already...pero parang kulang pa din..di makita yung space provided for word verification..

    anyway thanks pa din Laine!!

  3. jill...thanks ha...and sorry about sa comment. di ko lam kung anong problema nun.. T.T

  4. hahhaha okay lang!! sayang anyways..lover din kasi ako ng avatar the last air bender...!!! maybe you can google it.. there are a lot of forums about those kinds of things.

  5. jill...ok na ata ung comment form ko haha...I googled it and put a scroll bar sa side...ok n cguro yun.. ^_^


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