Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm almost about to leave...but I just want to note this here..(I dunno why but I kinda feel I have to) colleague just gave me a pack of MARTY's

I immediately ripped it open to savor it's content. After a while I realized I couldn't finish it. So I just decided to bring it home for my two siblings. I just realized that's what I do very often. [always think of siblings when I have food]

and another realization occurred to me.


even though I always feel burdened by 'them'..even I complain so many times...still knowing they've eaten enough & they are safe consoles me.

I sometimes hate myself for 'acting strange' ...but 'blood' really dictates. What can I do but submit.[?]

[I never show my affection to them. So if they read this I'm dead. yucks! I hate mushy things.this is so not me] to go!

Happy Weekend!

Pre-defense na ng THESIS namin! huhu T.T

Help me Lord!


  1. good luck sa pre-defense...
    sana some day, marealize nila how good you are to you sacrifice a lot for them..
    my first sister was so selfless too.
    she got married only at the age of 34, when all of us finished school already.
    at nauna pa kong magasawa kaysa sa kanya, kkk...
    pero nagpaalam ako ng maayos. she gave me her blessings.

  2. actions are always better than words..:) kahit hindi mo sabihin..i'm sure they know how much you love them...minus the mushy stuff.ehehe..

    God bless sa pre-defense! ^^,

  3. @Ms Jehan - ah siya po kasi selfless.ako selfish sometimes.anyway I really hope so too.

    @Laine - thanks!! I appreciate that! bukas na pre-defense pero I don't feel nervous at al. not that I know it too well. I don't know. I just don't!


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