Friday, December 31, 2010

Addcited to Nagging by IU & Seulong

ah I just can't have enough of this song I've been listening to. It's NAGGING sung by IU & Seulong of 2AM.

Oh my! I think I've been playing this for almost 5 times?? It's really captivating. I'm not so sure but I think I've first heard this from an anime or drama. [an OST I think!]I'm not so sure!

Anyway here's the amazing video from Billboard100KpopMnet of Youtube:

I'm starting to like them. When I say LIKE that means wait daily for updates about them. IU's voice is such a cutie. By the way I've also seen the translation of the lyrics in English! Really cute.

Just a little info about IU: IU (born Lee Ji-eun; May 16, 1993) is a South Korean singer.

Ok that was my 9th time playing it today!

And I'll listen to it again tomorrow.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year End Post!

I haven't been posting lately. I've been too busy. And there were times that I opened Blogger, blog hop but never brought myself to type anything worth posting here. But now I've got a lot to tell. I don't even know how to start.

Christmas has just ended & I feel like I lost something to look forward to. You know like how I felt when the Harry Potter series ended![?] I felt like I lost someone.

haisstt..and now it's only 2 days before new year. The yuletide season atmosphere will soon be gone! [sigh - (!.!)]

another sigh.




Anyway, my plan to make my whole family spend Christmas at my place here in Manila pushed through. They are all here. And this the first time I felt like living in a real 'home'. The first time I rush to finish office work because someone's waiting for me. Although we still have petty quarrels..I now find it amusing [unlike before, it was terrifying].

Again I can't help my sister feel 'left-out'. My parents treat me well. And I know my siblings are all jealous. Before I was longing for it. Now that it's here...I feel so awkward. I'm pretty much annoyed[?]


2010 Goodbye! 2010 Hello!

best part of my 2010? hmm... That I continue to receive blessings that I sometimes don't deserve. Nothing very special. [uneventful] But I'm still very thankful.

A lot of heart aches & pocket aches because of the thesis. The company changed it's management so the last 2 quarters have been a period of adjustment. I fought with sister numerous times. Ma & Pa 'away bati'. My sister's shocking revelation.My plans being gradually set out!

a lot.. lemme think some more....
....... Being one handsome teacher's class favorite...CAT dissection..
..more blog followers..

and OH YEAH!! I forgot there's one highlight!

this year I've got to finally rent a whole house of my own. not just a room. I got to little by little provide the house necessities. Daig ko pa ang bagong kasal. Kailangan makapagpundar ng mga gamit. It's no joke.When I went out with my classmates..while they look for the latest phones I go to the 'Home' section looking for new furniture & things. While they budget their money to buy new clothes or accessories I budget my money for the electricity, food & gas. While they plan cheating their parents about the school expenses I take the parents' side & reprimand them about it. Through this I got to realize all the parents' effort to provide shelter to their children. When I happen to be into someone's house..I glance at the furnitures...the house structure, the appliances & etc..I calculate how much it must have cost them. Then at the end I always find my classmates..very lucky to be experiencing those without much hardship.

This year I've also replaced my cellphone 2 times.. the first one I bought last year got robbed by a 'holdaper' <--[another story] . The 2nd one I left in a taxi. It taught me to be practical. As long as a cellphone can send messages & call that's fine.

The New Year - 2011 looks promising. We [family] decided to settle down here to avoid the annoying people back in my hometown. We plan to start a new life away from that rotten neighborhood. Away from my father's greedy siblings.I hope & pray everything will work out for us!

It's not just me who'll suffer if I fail. It's all of us! I love to do this as much as I want to enjoy my life. So I really hope not to be deprived of my youth because of this.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm almost about to leave...but I just want to note this here..(I dunno why but I kinda feel I have to) colleague just gave me a pack of MARTY's

I immediately ripped it open to savor it's content. After a while I realized I couldn't finish it. So I just decided to bring it home for my two siblings. I just realized that's what I do very often. [always think of siblings when I have food]

and another realization occurred to me.


even though I always feel burdened by 'them'..even I complain so many times...still knowing they've eaten enough & they are safe consoles me.

I sometimes hate myself for 'acting strange' ...but 'blood' really dictates. What can I do but submit.[?]

[I never show my affection to them. So if they read this I'm dead. yucks! I hate mushy things.this is so not me] to go!

Happy Weekend!

Pre-defense na ng THESIS namin! huhu T.T

Help me Lord!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where Am I Headed??

Where am I headed? -- I should know..since this blog's title is my journey.

I should be heading somewhere..Yes I am but I just don't know where.

This blog will serve as a memory lane!