Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Blog Update!

Hi there my dear blog. Long time no visit huh?

So sorry. Lately I've been busy with my on the job training. In addition to that, my schedule there is in graveyard shift. So it's kind of hard to adjust my body clock. I'm still working on it.

My classmates have long been finished doing their OJT's. They're just now completing the requirements before graduation while here I am just about to start. But of course I'm not complaining. In fact I feel very blessed. Although not everything is going as planned I'm still very happy. I'm just really thankful for everything that I have after seeing what happened in Japan.

hmm..what else is new to me? .lemme think...

..oh yeah I remember..just a while ago, my immediate superior in my OJT told me to apply in the company after graduation. He asked me if I could see myself doing what he is doing..of course I immediately said yes. He said that he was about to vacate the position since there is high possibility that he'll be promoted.I felt so flattered & grateful since for me it's tantamount to saying I am doing a great job in my OJT. Lalo tuloy akong ginaganahan. He gave me a grade of 94.00 & left very nice comments on my OJT evaluation sheet. Yeah I'm not yet done with my OJT but I already asked him to rate me since it is now needed by my internship adviser to complete my grades. Now I feel more energized to do my best & excel. I want to prove him that I deserve that grade. Hopefully I succeed.

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