Wednesday, April 6, 2011

THESIS(?) - A Thing of the Past.

Before, whenever I heard the word THESIS..I immediately got overwhelmed with so much dread & laziness...but now..

It is just a thing of the past.


The grueling THESIS has finally come to an end. [weeehw!] That was really something. It is more than a requirement to graduate. I think it is the last challenge every college student should experience to mature. I've encountered a lot through it.

I've learned how to deal with really difficult people.[or so I thought?]

I've come to understand how different personalities can work as one.

I've known how 'kapal ng mukha' one can be.

..and I think the most important thing I learned is that I've come too know more deeply my alter-ego.MYSELF.

I was pushed to the limit..I even thought of giving up. I've learned how one's perception & way of thinking can change his/her fate.

Although I consider it a CURSE I am still thankful that I didn't skip this one.

When I finally saw the hard bound copy...I didn't know what to say. I was a magnificent by-product of our sweat, blood, sacrifice & hard work!
I was like a new father seeing his new-born child.

[picture not mine]

It was so surreal.

So enough of the drama.

The road to a new life awaits.

Thank you so much Lord! [tears]

[standing from left to right: Ervin & our THESIS adviser Sir Carl.seated from L-R: ME, Te Rea, Wendy.]

Another group mate named Mae is not in the sorry.

So GROUP 8 of BS Psychology Major in Industrial Psychology bids goodbye to the grueling past & excitedly awaits the future.

Anyway, our thesis just to give you a little info about our THESIS, it was about the relationship/implication/correlation of Employee Job Satisfaction to Their Absenteeism.

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