Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1st Job Application as a FRESH GRAD!

Yesterday, I kicked off my job hunt. I went to this Korean company in Makati . The pay looks really lucrative to me so I didn't have a second thought. I was told to come back this morning for my FINAL INTERVIEW. It took me only10 minutes I think. And then I waited at the lobby. This Mr. PJ told me they'd just call me. Which of course was translated as a kind of euphemism of rejection to me. So I shrugged it off. I was really sad of course but that's life! I didn't want to go home a loser so I tried this company where my sister is currently working. After like 40 minutes of processed I was informed I passed and to start training On Monday. When I got back home, I received two missed calls from the FIRST company. So I called the number & asked why they called. I was so happy to hear that I passed. That 18, 000 peso-paying job is just what I need now to pay everything. Aside from that I am also planning to have a PART TIME JOB with the SECOND company. Yes. I need to be busy. I feel like my physical body is so accustomed to it. So I'm off to a new start on Monday or Tuesday next week. Just wish me luck!

Thank you so much po Lord again for this wonderful blessing. Kanina lang pinagpepray ko to but now it's here!!


  1. wow. congrats sa yo! ^^ magiging super busy ka na with many many many money hehe...buti ka pa T_T

  2. ahm thanks Sendo! why 'buti ka pa'?


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