Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lame Title for a Grad POst!

April 12th 2011 marked the end of my suffering? my sacrifice? association with classmates?

or the start of a new professional life?

That would of course be the latter.

So there was it. Our GRADUATION. Both of my parents attended & both were very proud. I am in fact, the first college graduate in the family.

Nothing really unusual. It wasn't what I thought it would be 2 years ago. It was just a long ceremony officiating our commencement. I made myself a little resistant to overwhelming emotions that day. I didn't want to ruin my make up you know. Oh yeah there was also a part were I cried a little bit.

One thing that surprised me was the presence of my father. From kindergarten to college, my father have never attended any school event for me. But that graduation day was an exception. He arrived at my house here in Manila in the morning of my graduation looking really sleepy. And it was funny how both my parents tried o make sure to have some 'proofs' with them by the time the ceremony ended. And it was to prove to my aunts & uncles who are as I've said in my previous posts my fathers best detractors that I indeed graduated.

Sabi nila baka daw nagpopokpok lang ako dito sa Manila at di naman talaga gagraduate. Na nagyayabang at nagsisinungaling lang sina mama about my graduation.

How pathetic. I just really laughed. Naawa talaga ako sa kanila(relatives) promise. Haisst..I thought that I would just waste my time proving myself to them.

anyway it's HUWEBES SANTO bukas. Kaya maging mabait na tayo?

So is that the end of my post about my long-awaited graduation?


o may pahabol pala. I am very thankful to God that He heard my prayers.

Bro, marami pong salamat!

There goes my name.

(excited manoon ng Sorcerer's Apprentice after this.)

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