Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My sister has a collection of Entrepreneur magazine and I used to think they were just clutters on our cabinets. I even attempted to burn some. But now that I'm planning to put up an online store, I find it really helpful. I've read 2-3 magazines already and I really found every article worth my money. I specially liked the tips on how to start home-based businesses. So last weekend I bought this old issue from BOOK SALE.

I was just so attracted to the cover so I chose this one. (Yeah! I judge a mag on it's cover.)

And these are the pages I've finished so far.

Here in this page you can get ideas about schools for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What I like most about this mag is that they feature real entrepreneurs who started small. They really are a source of inspiration. Aside from that, they also give the contact details of suppliers featured.

So thanks a lot Entrepreneur Mag. I hope to be featured in one of your articles when this 'business' of mine becomes successful in the near future.

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