Thursday, August 18, 2011

MyPhone Q19i Review

You see guys I posted here that I lost my old MyPhone phone last June 10 and I'm just able to buy a new unit just last August 15th. So in short I've been 'disconnected' for more than 2 months. (pity me T.T) Anyway, nadala na ko so here I am resorting to really cheap phones.

I just bought this MyPhone Q19i phone and I wanna share my experience with it.

I bought the unit for 1,388.00 pesos (promo) in one of MyPhone stalls in Robinsons Novaliches. The sales lady persuaded me to buy an acetate so the total became 1,500 pesos for a unit with acetate.

image courtesy of Google images.
This is the promo I was telling you about.

image courtesy of Google images.

Here are the specifications and features:

image courtesy of Google images
[Just click the image to enlarge]

The unit comes with:

*a box (of course)
*warranty card
* unit manual

Available in:

*bright yellow (not advisable since it would just attract much attention from ominous people lurking around)
*brown (my unit)

[this picture is mine]
Make sure that before the sales person opens this box in front of you the seal is not broken or tampered.

[this picture is mine]

[this picture is mine]

[this picture is mine]
I chose brown so as not to attract ominous eyes.

[this picture is mine]
Here's when you open the box.

[this picture is mine]

[this picture is mine]
I see it's working.

[this picture is mine]
charger and earphone

[this picture is mine]
The unit manuals (very thin and I must say it's not so detailed.)

image courtesy of Google images.

Let me just enumerate the things that I noticed.


1. It has a loud/clear speaker
2. It's light weight.
3. camera is decent enough
4. Designating an image on contacts doesn't actually work
5. Has specific buttons in calling through sim 1 or sim 2


1. The fully-charged battery doesn't last long in normal use. You see I don't use phones for a long time. But I was wondering why the battery easily ran out.
2. Charging takes a long time. I once charged my unit for 1 1/2 hour but the 'battery bar' was still the same.
3. Parang 'naghang' siya ng nanoseconds when you just click once button.
4. FM Radio recorder is a little blurred.

A piece of advice: Ask for a receipt. Most stalls don't issue receipts. They say the WARRANTY SLIP will do. Don't settle for this. Ask for any kind of receipt indicating their stall name signed by the sales person.

So there you go! For questions just leave a message on the COMMENT box below.

This is the first time I made a review for a specific product and I think it's fun. Maybe I'll do this again next time.


  1. i just bought mine yesterday a nd it works perfectly fine and i am even here in the middle east but still it works perfectly i just cant use the gprs but still d netwrok for the 2 sims are ok and the battery charges well only after an hour and lasts for a day or two depend on my usage..

  2. Hi,

    Good evening Sir!

    I love this phone, it's useful and beautiful...:)

    However, I have something to know kasi...I thought I had to know kung posible akong mag-send ng files/photos ko to other phones or computer, kasi wala siyang infrared or bluetooth...


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