Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swimsuit Auntie: Fat Chinese Woman’s Anti-Tanning Swimwear

A colleague shared this site and when I opened it and read the comments below..I couldn't help but laugh out loud (literally). 

Swimsuit Auntie, an swimming auntie wearing a full-body swimsuit with a head covering and swimming cap exposing only her two eyes and mouth like a “robber’s mask”, her body therefore completely jet-black as if it were “covered with oil”, became famous on the internet, boosted by netizens who called her “Swimsuit Frogman”.

These were the comments that caught my attention: 

1. I thought there must’ve been an oil spill somewhere again.

2. Almost scared me to death, I thought she was a terrorist…

3. The old man in the background is the highlight, his entire body red, like Hellboy.

LOL! ^__^

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