Monday, September 21, 2009

HomeFully Happy!!!

These days I am again the breadwinner for my 2 sisters. (older & younger sisters). It's very hard, especially now that I'm at the same time studying, & having high budget for fare everyday. I don't know how we'll be able to survive with my meager resources. I am complaining to them. I ask a lot of favors from them..washing my clothes, cleaning the house, doing this & doing that! ...everything. I know I sound so bossy!! But I'd like them to learn also. I always complain...& complain & complain.....but to tell you the truth I appreciate their presence. Although I get stressed out with a lot of things, I am happy that they are at my side. Helping me in a way very strange to me. They give me moral support in everything I do. I thought before that I am strong. I can provide for my own & live by my own..Yea that's right...but having family around you is a very relieving & exhilirating. It makes a big difference. So now, even though I feel the big burden laid out before me....the burden which should not be mine in the first place... I will do my best to help them..

Aside from my sisters.... my classmates & friends are also there to cheer me up!! I am always teary eyed.I never imagined life with these kinds of people. Knowing that they are there expressing their concerns, that they are ready to listen, that I have someone to voice out what has been exploding inside is an out of this world feeling. I thought these are just "dramas". I thought they only exist in short stories for kids. They are real. They are here. They are with me & I will everything under my power to treasure them. But I wouldn't make it obvious though. hehe..

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