Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wrath of 'Ondoy' - September 26,2009

Poor dog, struggling to save it's life.

High places not spared!

A roof of a red car seen here.

Rescue operations!

These pictures are copied from GMA's facebook account.


Dead end

Filipinos have become innoveative. We've come up with different types of tranportations.

Poor little girl, she's carrying a very heavy baggage.

The boy seems to be enjoying the flood!

Luxury did'nt ensure safety!

Photos Barangka, Marcos Highway, Katipunan

Salesgirls of the Super K drug store at the Farmer’s Plaza said waist-high flood waters breached the glass walls of the shop, sending the products piled on the shelves crashing to the floor. On Sunday morning, the staff was busy sweeping the shattered glass from the wet floor and stuffing the products into black trash bags.

Near the entrance to the LRT station in Cubao, a man put on his shoes before entering the mall with his mud-splashed laptop bag. His companion still had mud up to his knees, and both were carrying filthy rucksacks that seemed to have been hastily packed.

The start of it all!!

Ayala Makati

( Burgos Circle at Fort Bonifacio)

(Taft Avenue, Manila)

( Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City)

( Park 9 Alley, where the Barangay Hall of Loyola Heights is located)

Heres's a video:

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