Friday, November 12, 2010

'Imortal' Mode!

I'm not very fond of teleseryes.

Basta kahit anong TV show na Filipino-made.

(sama ko no?)

feeling ko kasi ang corny eh!


sabi ko nga dati.


I came across this one episode of "Imortal' which is now leading the prime time slot.


that's the start!

I am enamored.


..hooked..with it!

I like the plot..although it is somewhat similar to Eclipse. You know..vampires against werewolves story..but this just really appeals to my taste.

I like the character of Rico Blanco here.

He adds color to the story.parang kakaiba lang.

I plan to post here the trailer or link for the episodes.this wekeend promise! I will!

nga pala if you are inetersted the watch complete episodes..I will put the link din this wekeend. Sa YOUTUBE lang ako nanonood...di ko na kasi yun maabutan pagdating ko ng bahay from work!

so that would be all for now!

Friday Friday na!!

although I don't have something really special to look forward to I'm still happy!

I'll have my part-time job tomorrow. trainor (daw?)

..sometimes I interview applicants from this little known office...It's challenging.

Happy Weekend guys!
Update: Here's the YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I watch the IMORTAL EPISODES.
here's teh TAILER!

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