Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Treat for my Parents!!

My family is planning to spend the Christmas & New Year here in Manila. My father, mother & 4 other younger siblings will come to our newly rented house.

I've been thinking of something to gift my parents...and SPA suddenly came to mind. At first I was only planning to treat my Mom & myself but my sister suggested that I bring along my father.

magtatampo daw yun!


kapag tumatanda na talaga..mas nagiging matampuhin. Just like the last time I gave my mom a perfume. My father surprisingly asked for his 'gift' din!

Of course it came as a surprise coz my father is not really that kind of pinagbigyan ko na lang din..muntikan na kong di makbalik ng Manila nun.(halos nasimot pera ko) SPA na nga!

My TL & another colleague experienced it so I inquired. They said it costed around 700 per person. It is in WENSHA in Roxas Boulevard. So kung tatlo kami..di kakayanin ng budget. Kaya sila na lang. sabi ko I'll just wait in the reception area.

So I started doing a research & below are what I've got.

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very nice enticing.parang gusto ako din!!

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sabi nina TL eat all you can..kasama na jacuzzi, sauna at massage! ang saya! parang gusto ko na din talaga! kailangang mapagipunan to!

So I really hope matuloy to! I've long beenwanting to treat my parents for a day! Lord please bigay mo na samin to!

Reviews about WENSHA


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