Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pondering about Life from a Window Seat

I happened to accidentally ride an air-conditioned bus this 12 midnight. It was a bit drizzling & chilly. I don't usually take the air-con for few reasons..first money wise & second I easily feel nauseous there. (esp if I watch TV inside)

but anyway I was already there so I had no choice. Kasya pa naman pamsahe ko. I hate it when they use their TV's inside. I get to be tempted to watch as well..even though it makes me so dizzy.

The movie 2012 was playing...I couldn't help but keep glancing at the idiot box. I was more drawn to it when it was playing the EARTH's destruction starting from California.

As I was watching it...I have reflected on myself & my lifestyle. If I'm ready for such thing. I have planned a lot. I have avoided 'worldly' things to just stay focused on y goals. As a result I ended up a bit loner & indifferent to a lot of things. I am deprived of everything fun. I have asked myself if those sacrifice are worthy. and it was undoubtedly NO! NOT!

I have also realized that surely everything will come to an end. I have pondered deeply about life inside the bus while everybody was enjoying it.

When it was time for me to disembark I was genuinely grateful to GOD that I was setting my foot steps on to a solid concrete street.I was also a little surprised at myself.(coz you know in the movie...the streets were totally smashed to pieces.)

so there. Thank you Lord for the life you gave me. I may not be able to fully justify my existence but I am working hard on it.


  1. super like this post...
    have a nice weekend...

  2. anong bus yan? masakyan nga..hehe...;)the movie 2012 made me decide to get married by that year! hahaha...*just kidding*

  3. haha I miss you both. Ms Jehan and Laine. I hope you two are doing well.


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