Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dream High Madness

What's with these Korean songs, dramas & artists that keeps me glued with them?

MY office & home computer had the following sites bookmarked:

1. Dramabeans

2. Allkpop

3. Popseoul

I can't stand a day without browsing them. Sometimes I feel like I'm betraying the local artists. But I just can't bring myself to truly like them. I just find the local showbiz industry dull. urghh!! ..but anyway...

here we go.

I'd like to share this latest apple of my eye. It's a Korean drama currently being aired every Monday & Tuesday [alam talaga no?]

It's Dream High.

I'm such a digger for high school dramas, movies. Perhaps it's because I never had the most out of my high school life. You know I was busy making a living [being the walking sari sari store of the class]. That's why at least I try to go back to that stage again with them.

Anyways...this drama is about the endeavors of Kirin Arts High School students to reach their dreams of becoming stars/idols.

At first I found it [& myself for watching it] shallow. It depicts HS crushes, loves, dreams & etc. However, as the drama continues some unexpected lessons can be learned. It touches my core being & sometimes make me shed tears. It's fun & really enlivens the youth in me.

Right now I watch the episodes at ep drama & read the recaps at dramabeans.

Don't miss the adventures of Hyemi, Sam-don, Jin-guk, Jason & Pil Suk!

By the way, my favorite character is Pil Suk & I really like the pairing of Pil Suk (IU in real life) & Jason (Wooyoung of 2pm).

this used to be Pil-Sook

her new look!

Pil-Sook & Jason in the movie house

this is them now.

See my point? I'm even more familiar with their names than the new names in the local industry. haisst.

I can't wait for next few episodes.

[update: my heart is torn by the 10th episode. T.T]

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