Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dream Recall

I've read this article on yahoo that in order for you to tap into your dreams, try having a pen & paper beside your bed.

These past few nights I've been having bizarre dreams. Some people I knew from the past occurred and suddenly became a part of my life. So I'm doing this post to recall as many dreams as I can.

image is not mine.

1. I forgot the date. -- In the dream, my former Science professor kind of insulted me in front of my classmates. The setting was in a classroom. I got a low score on a test and he mentioned it in front of everybody. I don't know much about the specific details. But one thing is very vivid. It's how I felt that time. I felt humiliated.

2. I've dreamed of a friend named Kuya Mar. I can't remember the details.

So far eto pa lang. I'll try to update this when I remember some of my dreams again.

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