Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uncertain STep

2 more days before my last day here in the office. Although the future looks a little uncertain BUT I feel so excited. I feel like finally, I can spread my wings & fly. high! I feel a CHANGE would do me good.

A chapter of my life is about to close. And of course another chapter will be written. I have ideas how to start it...but I don't know how it will end. I can't plan & execute everything accordingly. There will surely be a lot of 'humps'. so I'm trying to gather my strength from myself & from above.

I've been here for almost 3 years...along with that I was able to 'study' at the same time but I still feel like I had been a working/studying robot. Social life was not even in an option. SO it was happy but plain at the same time.

This BIG STEP I'm about to take looks promising & dreading at the same time. I don't know. I really don't know. I feel like I'm blind-folded. I know what direction to take [just straight ahead said my heart] but I'm not sure if I'd be able to..........

.....that's all for now...

....another journey...

..will you still be with me?...........

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learning Halted.

Since the new management took over the company I'm working with , every little thing around the office changed. Some find it a too strict but others find it necessary. I'm included in the latter.

Since then, there have been monthly grammar exams, protocol tests, monthly QA's & evaluations & a lot more. I find this really helpful. I get to be exposed to the different facets of English & teaching. As teachers we should never cease to learn right? That's why I'm so pissed when some of my colleagues keep complaining about it. There's this particular teacher who I think is planning to be in her present professional state for the rest of her life. She's in her early 30's. She bragged that she's ATENEAN which really shocked me coz she doesn't act as one. Parang 'palengkera' ba.

She says that she's done with that stage where she had to study for lessons & exams. Well, she has a point there...a little.very little. BUT wake up! We don't age for nothing. LEARNING should be a continuous process. aaaaaah!! they are really frustrating me. Good thing I'm not the TL or else she'll really get some harsh 'sermons' from me. Para siyang tumanda ng walang pinagkatandaan.



Wow 19 na pala followers ko!! Salamat po sa inyo..parang nakakataba ng puso! Parang yung feeling ng di ka nag-eendorse pero may tumatangkilik. Thanks so much!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silver Lining

..There is finally a silver lining..(yehey!!)

I am now included in the list of the graduating students. (yehey)

need tapusin in one month ang 200 hrs. OJT! Kaya ko to!!

"I see a silver lining in my prayer..and now there's color everywhere."

Friday, February 11, 2011

CHANGE I used to Fear!

I've been noticing something about me recently. It's a CHANGE I'm secretly happy about.

I don't get easily angry nowadays. I can now control my temper towards my siblings. Before I used to treat them badly..but now I've learned that I should understand more. A lot of things came unnoticed because I was apathetic. Now I realize how much COMMUNICATION appeases everything. Simply sitting down with a friend/family/acquaintance & talking can do wonders. We just have to be really OPEN-MINDED..that's all.

There are a lot of things around us that are beyond our's not our fault. Let's not make it/them change for use. let yourself adapt & adjust to it. That's one essence of being HUMAN. I thank GOD that he gave me the opportunity to see it. Life is beautiful..we just have to open our eyes & see it.


Mga Kina-IGNORANTEHAN ko (recently)

1. may TV na ako sa bahay. [sa wakas]..after long months.

2. nagka PC na din kami with Internet connection!! yahoo!!

3. I'm living in a house where I can be totally free.

I listed down the following for a purpose. They may be novel to me now...but there will surely come a time where I will take them for granted. So this is some kind of reminder that I once desired to have them. So that when I look back..I can be GRATEFUL!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Confirm Resign

I have already filed a resignation. And I was a bit antsy when I did it. I feel like I owe the company a lot. So it was mentally, emotionally & psychologically laborious. The heavy feeling was even made intense when so suddenly, out of nowhere [I don't know if it's a coincidence or not] a certain 'compliment' from my student was plastered all over the office. People were like congratulating me as if I was promoted.

Why do I feel my worth from the company when I am so certain about leaving? I've been waiting for this for my almost 3 years tenure. Why?

It's really hard..but I feel good at the same time. That I am needed somewhere. That there is a space that will be vacated in case I leave. The feeling is surreal. I can't explain. I am not so sure if where I'm headed is as stable as this. Honestly I'm kind of dreading & looking forward to it at the same time. I really like this uncertainty. All these years I've made sure of everything before aiming for it. But this time the excitement is priceless. I'm going to step out of my shell. It's liberating.

Just the thought of the novelty of experience that lies ahead is really making me giddy. God help me!

Dream High Madness

What's with these Korean songs, dramas & artists that keeps me glued with them?

MY office & home computer had the following sites bookmarked:

1. Dramabeans

2. Allkpop

3. Popseoul

I can't stand a day without browsing them. Sometimes I feel like I'm betraying the local artists. But I just can't bring myself to truly like them. I just find the local showbiz industry dull. urghh!! ..but anyway...

here we go.

I'd like to share this latest apple of my eye. It's a Korean drama currently being aired every Monday & Tuesday [alam talaga no?]

It's Dream High.

I'm such a digger for high school dramas, movies. Perhaps it's because I never had the most out of my high school life. You know I was busy making a living [being the walking sari sari store of the class]. That's why at least I try to go back to that stage again with them.

Anyways...this drama is about the endeavors of Kirin Arts High School students to reach their dreams of becoming stars/idols.

At first I found it [& myself for watching it] shallow. It depicts HS crushes, loves, dreams & etc. However, as the drama continues some unexpected lessons can be learned. It touches my core being & sometimes make me shed tears. It's fun & really enlivens the youth in me.

Right now I watch the episodes at ep drama & read the recaps at dramabeans.

Don't miss the adventures of Hyemi, Sam-don, Jin-guk, Jason & Pil Suk!

By the way, my favorite character is Pil Suk & I really like the pairing of Pil Suk (IU in real life) & Jason (Wooyoung of 2pm).

this used to be Pil-Sook

her new look!

Pil-Sook & Jason in the movie house

this is them now.

See my point? I'm even more familiar with their names than the new names in the local industry. haisst.

I can't wait for next few episodes.

[update: my heart is torn by the 10th episode. T.T]