Friday, July 30, 2010

Earliest Memories

..In Psychology our EARLIEST MEMORIES has significant interpretations to who we are, our values & philpsophies in life & ;astly our personality. It manifests our deepest desires & values in life.

So I guess..this EARLIEST MEMORY I am about to share is somewhat significant as well??

anyway it goes like this......

It was past noon..about 2pm I think..I had just gone from sleeping. When I
woke up that warm & peaceful afternoon the house was very clean &
organized...opposite to what it usually was. So as a result I was very happy
& cozy at home. That time we were still living in Magdalena & I was just
about 3-5 years old.

I hurriedly run down the backyard & was ecstatic to see a SWING hanging
under our langka tree. My father made it while we were sleeping & I
felt like it was quite rare to find him at home at that very hour. He wa
suppposed to be working. So I was very happy to have finally felt a real home.
That really marked into my HEAD.To me it was very ideal. It was the happiest day
of my childhood I think.

***maybe this will have some formal interpretation in the future but I'll stuck it here first & maybe archive them in the near 'professional' future.

see you then myblog!


  1. my earliest memory was when i was about 3 years old. It was my first experience of accidentally drinking salt water at the beach while at the back of my father while he swam. I could also remember that my cousin was there too and he looked weird since he had black-tinted goggles on. It was my first time to see a person with something on their eyes. Maybe it's the first things in life that are never forgotten

  2. hahah perhaps that true..thanks for sharing your earliest memory. They say it says something about us!! I can't really tell what it connotes since I don't have much info about you.

    thanks for commenting again!


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