Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kain Tayo!! - Cravings

What do you think this is??
come on....!!!!!
TAMA!! it's hard to guess coz I think this is just available or commonly prepared in Bicol??
guys..lemme introduce my MOST favorite VIAND of all time...
heard it the first time????
it's made of grated (kinayod) skin of santol (yes, the very sour part)..
but unfortunately this is only available every Santol season..
a good one of this should be:
sooo spicy...
sooo creamy...
mildly sour...
and oover sa sarap!!
..tsk tsk..I'm literally drooling now!
haissstt..lemme look back to the last time I had this..
wait...1 year ?? 2 years??? nope it's been more than 3 years ago already!!
My gawd!! That's too long time ago!
haisstt..all I can have now are pictures.
I'll be waiting for the next Santol season. sigh!
and another one..!!
Buko Pandan!
I'm done with dinner but here am again...HUNGRY! tsk tsk..

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