Friday, July 30, 2010

A Hard-earned fan in Me!

I seemed to have chanced upon this clip about the Pinay sensation Charice Pempengco.

Here you'll see her coming back to STAR KING..the Korean show where she guested & later on discovered by Ellen & Oprah. This is like her paying back to the people she owes..

Although there was some delay of reactions..due to tranlsations..It was quite a good show to watch.

One Korean singer named LUNA volunteered to sing on the stage hoping that she'll also be discovered by David Foster. It was supposedly her part only

BUT the show's hillariously funny host insisted that Charice also sings.

So it came out like a showdown

(or was there really?)

LUNA first to sing ONE MOMENT IN TIME.

well, that was good.

But not quite good even to compete with Charice.

No bragging intended I swear!

Charice' turn came & as usual I got was like a suuper amazing scene to behold!

The Korean singer was outperformed!! I think that's an understatement. something more than that I guess.

She was crying..

anyway..I almost told the whole video..

so my point was that Charice just earned a FAN in me!

How she handle the situation?? how she made me really proud to be a Filipino..

It was blissfu

l feeling.

They wee all in AWE & I just can't help myself to be in awe as well.

Watch it for yourself!

& see!


  1. ok, to be honest, I didn't like Charice much before...kkk. But after watching this video, it made me really proud to be Pinoy! ^^,

  2. yeah me too Laine..but after I watched this video I came to like her as well.


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