Friday, July 23, 2010

Teacher is OUT!


I should have said this to my online students today..but there I was.

conducting the classes with a very NASAL voice.

thanks to the MUTE button I've just recently discovered.

I can sneeze..cough..sniff...and all while my students are talking.

huhu.. T.T

I have a runny nose & super watery eyes today because of colds. Hah! This is what I hate the most.

So in order to avoid frequent stares from my colleagues I wore sun glasses tonight!


at NIGHT!'s not that bad at all.

I'm referring to the "world viewed from the sunglasses".

it's a bit dark..but I'm getting used to it!

It's weekend again so I'm really ecstatic.At last I can have my long-awaited sleep/rest. These past few days..due to my 'dual roles'..I've only had an average of 4 hours a day sleep. So I guess it has taken it's toll.

I onlt get to have proper sleep every weekend so I'll try my best to compensate.

I hope to be okay by the time I wake up tomorrow!


  1. With those glasses... you remind me of someone hmmm para kang artistang nagtatago sa media hahahaha! And you asked how I found out about your blog? Naman! Nakalimutan mo na bang stalker este reader mo ako :D


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