Friday, July 30, 2010

FB propositions..

*What you are about to read & see is purely out of CURIOUSITY & not from a conceited head.You are WARNED!!

Look at the picture closely!

DO you notice anything 'special' about that??


NOTHING right??? just an ordinary FB profile!


I'm wondering WHY..

this just past month I've received more than 10 propositions through this famous networking site!

it starts with a FRIEND INVITE!

then followed by their msg on the chatbox..

.usually starts with a ...


Hi din..

blah blah blah..

I don't really get it! I'm not used to this.

It is very flattering. TRUE..but hello??? I'm so not interested FYI!!

ang kokorny pa.nakakainisss..yuck!

nagsasayang lang sila ng time. Mang-iinterrogate pa na kala mo kilala mo sila.


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