Thursday, April 29, 2010


(An Issue at work)

The account that I have right now will soon be transfered to our CEBU branch.. "GOODBYE to all my students".

I wish that's easy too easy to say..without me crying like a child.

8 of my students now are like a friend & family to me.

Some of them have been with me for almost a year & others for 8-6 months..

THEY have been a part of my life..and they said I have been a part of their lives as well.

When I was saying GOODBYE to "LINU" -- I broke down to tears.

I couldn't help it. I couldn't talk for like 2 mins..he thought I hang up already.
I wish I can evade what's inevitable.

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

YES! I am lucky! ^^

I know that...but I hope I can force myself to feel that as well.
I know time will make everything fine...I will someday forget them...but I DON'T want to.
So I am making a list here
of my students' names.
1. Park Jin Sub - Linu
2. Kim Hyun Soo
3. Joo Hye Jung
4. Lee Yoo Mi
5. Jung Mi
6. Kim Jung Soo
7. Jo Young Jin
8. Son Jeong Hwan
I will mis you all my DEAR students.
Sorry..I'm not good at this.

Random Pic

Those times when I was still in the pub.

Happy 'BER' Month!!

just kidding^^
But I wish it is.
...we're still in summer..extreme summer.

It's been scorching hot these days that staying outside could cause nosebleed & dizziness...
I just hope it's 'BER' months again so that I can feel the cold weather again..
just like the one in pictures. They were taken Last December from our company pantry.

Everytime I see those foggy mornings..I feel like eating a hot & spicy noodle & take a sip of coffee.

Let's Play!

Let's play badminton!!

I've been gaining weight since the start of in order to avoid it..I've been playing BADMINTON along with 2 of my colleagues every Saturday!

We play somewhere in ROBINSON's PIONEER. It's quite a long distance from my residence but for the sake of fitness & fun here I am...reliving my almost forgotten addiction.

So who want's to join?
(Just another random picture post)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Baby Brother

I'm about to go now. But I just really miss my youngest brother who doesn't even recognize me. Here he is.

Cute isn't it???

Sorry guys..just really can't help it!

See yah!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MRT experiences.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT
MRT is a haven for those who are always in a hurry... Although there are times na "nagkakatulakan"..pwede na rin.
"Survival of the Fittest" na lang.
mula sa takbuhan para makahabol...hanggang sa siksikan sa loob...MRT has already been a part of my life.
It is where I spend my 'kawalan' moments...where I get my 'observation' subjects..and where I meet many different faces of all ages.
so sa mga di pa nakakaexperience..I think you are missing something so try it. But I don't promise a good ride. Its like a way of life.
Sometimes it's smooth..sometimes it's 'shaky', sometimes it's bumpy and sometimes it's heaven.
try it for yourself.
in this post..I just wanna share what I have experienced so far in this mode of transportation.
Aside from the ticket we can buy from the MRT booth there are also other mediums.

1. This Kit Kat CARD - based on my experience this is not really a good one. I've tried using this. At first it was heaven. SO easy. You just have to tap it in front of a scanner or something. But there was a time where the station's (ortigas) scanner was OFFLINE. So i couldn't use the CARD. What are you suposed to do? purchase a TICKET. This is just a HASSLE.
I was really in a hurry that time so I couldn't really forget this KIT KAT CARD experience.
and by the way the CARD is for 50.00 with KIT KAT chocolate and I think it has 1 ride free inside. In order to reuse have to reload it from LOADING STATIONS that are almost NOWHERE to find.
MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

2. There's also the G from GLOBE. - I haven't used this so I have no specific details.
MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

3. The tickets from vending machines - kadalasan mahaba din nag pila dito.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT
guards are everywhere to ensure the safety of the passengers. Kahit minsan nakakainis at nakakatakot sila manita.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT

I've been an MRT & STORED VALUE TICKET user for almost 2 years now but I've just learned today it's policies/guidelines mentioned below:
1. Stored Value Ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
2. Multiple Rides Ticket
3. with last Ride BONUS - eventhough you only have 1 peso left on your card, you can still use it for another ride. Be it to the farthest destination.
4. Folded or Damaged tickets will not be accepted for refund
5. Lost tickets shall be charged from he farthest destination.
6. Passengers MUST exit within 75 mins. (allowable stay) from the time off enytry.. Additional charge equivalent to the maximum fare shall be charged for overstaying - now this is something really new to me. This means "bawal tumambay" sa MRT.

MRT Philippines, STored Value Ticket, MRT Stations, KitKat Card in MRT



1. No food, drink & pets allowed!!
I was on my way to the Quezon Ave Station when I decided to buy a BIG GULP from 7eleven.
I arrived at the gate where the bags are to be checked and I was so annoyed (at myself) I think when the guard told me it's not allowed inside. I tottaly forgot. I glared at the lady guard for not letting me in. I was displacing my anger to her. Since I was in a hurry again..I decided to just throw the drink away. nakakainiss yun!
2. Baggages are to be checked. STRICTLY.
small bags & packages are sometimes 'nakakalusot'..
but BEWARE. If you have big luggages expect to be annoyed by the guards. They will really check it inside out. Even the wrapped gift.
They will really insist on opening it. So the nicely wrapped surpise will now look torn & old.
and I think that would be all for now.
I'll update this post when I get to experience something new again.
The pictures used in this POST are not MINE. I randomly copied them from the web.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Election Blues

"eleksiyon...eleksiyon..ayan malapit nah!
sari saring plataporma
sari saring pambobola"
have you seen one of the following 'scenes' in your area?
ang kawawang puno

yeah..this is the usual scene nowadays..
litrato sa baba: ang BINABOY na KALSADA

instead of doing some good for the they are..making everything worse.
Isn't it enough to just let their names be known by the public in a more envronment-friendly way??
siguro para sa COMELEC bigyan na lang ang mga tao ng complete list ng candidates..
What do you think?? kesa naman magpost na sandamakmak na posters, bukod sa kalat ay gastos pa.(at kadalasang galing pa sa bulsa ng mga taxpayer)
sa halip na ipaprint ng mga campaign paraphernalia ..bakit di na lang itulong sa mahihirap?
sa may REgalado sa QC may MALAKING post ang local Gov't office
(napangiti ako..buti naman..)
pero baliktad na ata talga ang mga Pilipino.
dun din talaga sa MAIN HIGHWAYS nakapost ang malalaking banners.
akala ko ay may CONCERT.
kasi parang mukha ata ng artista mga nakikita ko.
tsaka ko lang naalala..may extension na pala ang entablado sa ngayon..
mayroon ding KANDIDATO sa Caloocan City na maganda at kapakipakinabang ang style.
pinakuha nila ang PRECINT Numbers ng mga botante..
naghouse to house at saka nilakad ang kanilang mga kandidato..
at ibinigay sa botante ang kanyang PRECINT number
para wala nang hassle sa May 10
o di ba??
kahit medyo onti lang naman..
at least natu.lungan nila ang mga botante.
ginhawa lalo na para sa matatanda.
sana makaisip pa sila ng mga 'useful' at 'helpful' style..bukod sa pagpapaulan ng pera.
PHOTO CREDIT: sorry I randomly copied all thepictures from the net. THEY ARE NOT MINE!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 Easy Steps to Vote

Here's a video showing 5 easy steps in voting this coming May 2010 elections using the new PCOS.

thanks to: for this.

Random Sentiments


I promise to be better everyday.
   I feel a little sad now. I've realized I'm not doing my best anymore. And I've grown lazy of all these.


How come I've  been merely 'existing' and not 'living' in this planet? =(


I miss school agad..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I found out that:

1. 'flat screen' monitor is different from LCD monitor..hahah =)

2. uso ang gawaan ng kalye kapag eleksiyon

3. 62 % ng 2010 voters don't know the PARTY LIST system but everybody (almost) likes to be a party list rep.

3. that House of Congress has now a new definition --

House of Congress - (noun) crocodile farm (BI ni Prof. heckler)

4. wala na talgang libre sa mundo.

5. ang aking katawan ay hinubog para sa mahirap na gawain. I feel like getting sick if I'm not doing anything..or if I'm not busy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Blessing in disguise

I was ranting when I got the news that I'll b transfered again to another station. (kainiss talaga) I had to transfer alll my files and the sites I bookmarked from my old PC to my new one (here at work) ..while I was doing it I was cursing the world..(haha)..

then as I was starting in the new computer I found out that it has a web cam. I thought it wasn;t working so I ignored it at first. But then I tried clicking & manuevering it then woalla!! It's working. I'm so happy^^.

Now this station is better. hahahah...sorry world for my childish rant just a while ago. peace tayo!

here's a sample shot from the web cam..

ayan I sound ignorant..kaya lang na amaze talaga a kid who found a new toy!!

ABOVE:haha..pwede kaya gamitin to kahit wala akong video class? I need to be vigilant.

ABOVE:now..this feels better..hehe^^

Friday, April 9, 2010


HELLO!!! I'm back!! with a new LAY OUT!! I am so happy to be back..hehhehe..

New LAY OUT comes with a new ME. not that I am more feminine now or something..the flowers..butterflies..clouds...doesn't reflect WHO I AM now..but what I want!!

Things are getting more & more complicated as we age...our body age as well as our soul but there are times that I wanna go back to being a child. Where I can just pLAy all day without any worries.

I so loved to be in this kind of world (manifested by the layout)..peaceful, idyllic for the mean time of course. coz..inspite of all the complexities of the world I live in..I am still happy & grateful of it! I like the challenge..maybe I just need a break(?)..

speaking of a break..hmm...

It is now our vacation from school..thanks God!! I can now have time to sleep longer..

that should have been the case..but here I am...planning to have another homebased job similar to what I'm doing right now...

...coz every single day..I've been longing to support/assist my parents financially. Since I'm studying I couldn't help them with the finances. I hate myself for being incapable. I so long to give my younger siblings a baon...a with with them in just one roof..see how they all grow that at least they recognize me as their sister.

My youngest brother who's now 3/4 years old(?)

I want to do a lot of things at the same time...and I keep doing something about it. But it just worsens the situation..I should do these ONE STEP AT A TIME.