Monday, September 20, 2010

No Play for These Kids

Kids bein' tortured....



These are the kids in China having their 'early' training as a gymnast.

hmm..hey look so cute..but why are they bein deprived of the right to play?

instead they spend most of their lives for this??

I really feel bad about them. POor kids over there.

I can't help but really feel so saaaaaaaaaad =(

Practice Makes Perfect - Young gymnasts stretch at the gymnastics hall of sports school in Jiaxing

Source: Time Magazine Online

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Outfit Post!

I think this is the first time an outfit really captivated my hard-earned attention.

the dress alone I think looks so chick & simple..but when paired with this denim bolero..



I really want to have this kind of look!

gotta rummage through UKAy again!

I hope I can find time this SUNDAY!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lesson from "Abubots" Box

As a child I've always been 'burara' with all my belongings. Not a single pair of earing would last for more than a week.
But as I grow older...
being able to buy the things I want is satisfying.
Being able to keep & safeguard & put them to a good use in the future is even more fulfilling.
like this one which I keep nowadays to gather all my 'abubots'.
Although this may seem petty to some..
but for me, it's such a great accomplishment!

with such great effort & self-discipline...
..with little things like this I make my own 'ME'.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OJT Diary: 09/07/10

Although it's a bit late already..& I have to leave home at 5:40am tomorrow [now it's 11:11] I just really have to write about my OJT which I first had today!
As stated on my previous post...I have my OJT at JOBSTREET affiliate company of JOBSTREET.COM. It's a recruitment company catering for it's BPO clients..
Anyway I went there early this morning..left the house at around 6am & reached the office which is located in Madaluyong at 08:00am exactly! Just in time. We were really happy we made it!
The trip forth was a challenging experience. We braved the long lines of FX passengers.
Next was the MRT which I think is an overwhelming scene especially during rush hours!
Employees clad in different office uniforms flock these stations.
There you'll see elegant & classy women badmouthing another for stepping on their toes & etc. They almost hurt each other with their piercing words.
Oh My!
and this will be a usual scene in the future...
but this doesn't stop me.
I was so excited to have my OJT so I braved it all.
in the office:
I learned a lot.
There I've realized I've chosen the right field.
I got to see how aplicants are processed.. got to witness an interview! Got to see how competetive people can be!
I felt like I belong to something I've been looking for all my life.
I feel like a void inside me is just filled up with something really wonderful.
This really is it!
Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Youtubew Vids on my FB Wall!

just wanna share what's on my FB wall.

Friday, September 3, 2010

..Euphoria in MRT

I woke up. took a bath.took the jeepney.then the FX.

Then MRT in Quezon Ave.

This is a very common day.


A typical day.......................




as I was approaching the platform of MRT...
a smile engulfed me.

Like a very happy & innocent kid's smile....anticipating for something.

Do you know what it is that makes the kids around the world smile??

It's Christmas!

I was listening to the Christmas songs & carols....

It’s such a good & blissful feeling.

How do I say it??

hmm...all I know was that I was beyond blissful. (Webster will you make another super superlative adjective for it?)

Ho!! Ho!! ho!!

Christmas is coming!!!
ho!! ho!! ho!!
I'll start to mae a Christmas list & earn for it.
I can feel it!! I can smell it. I am imagining it!
Ho!! ho!! ho!!
anyway just wanna share this:
I'm not sure if these are the exact words. But it sounded like this:
a chat between Jesus & Santa!
Jesus: =(
Santa: Why?
Jesus: Magki CHRISTMAS na.
Santa: oh i dapat masaya ka. Magbibirthday ka na!
Jesus: oo nga eh. Birthday ko pero tuwing darating yun ikaw
ang iniisip nila.
makes sense?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am just so excited about my OJT. I will get to experience variety of areas in HR. I will have it at JOBSREET SELECT.

THE WOMAN IN WHITE IS my boss there. She is really simple but you can feel that she's oozing with confidence,professionalism & elegance. I'm so excited to work with her.

I am so glad I happened to chance upon their ad. They are so considerate with my schedule! The even allowed me to just render 10 hours a week. but I'm planning to extend that after I settle my schedule with some of my professors.

I will start this coming Tuesday!

And so the Journey goes on!

This is my last year in college..but as I go along with my endeavor to graduate in time along with my batch mates..everything seems to get more more difficult!

Before, the path seems just a little elevated, but now it is an uphill climb! It's dragging me to my limit that I almost get sick!

I have to attend 9 classes a week, work full time, render my OJT, and do our THESIS! It's getting more & more unbearable. I don't even know what to do anymore. I hope I can have Hermionie Granger's time-turner necklace so I can travel through time & accomplish what has to be done!

kung pwede lang di matulog ng weekdays at itulog lahat sa isang araw gagawin ko!

right now I'm planning to buy eyeglasses & use it to conceal my eye bags. I hate concealers.

But inspite of all this I love my life. It's not perfect, good or even comfortable but it's something I don't regret going through in life!

..and Here comes The Late Comer!!

..since my freshmen year..I've always been a late comer in the class. My classmates would even be more surprised if I happen to be in class ahead of time. They'd say "wow ang aga naman" which I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not! Anyway, I think I'm already used to it! hehehe.

although I've always been late...but honestly(I think my classmates would be shocked to hear this) .......I dread the moment I hesitate entering the classroom for fear of the professor. It's always been the case. But what can I do?

I'd rather come to class late than be there early & sleep along the heated discussion.
oh the lazy me...strikes. Anyway I've thought of posting this because this is just what happened a moment ago. I'm now in a PC shop while the class is having a discussion. I wasn't able to gather the courage to enter my Economics class 1 hour 15 mins late. I think it's too much!

uhh!! I went home at 2 am, slept at 2:30 & have to go to class at 7:00?

ding ang bato pls!! I badly need it this time.