Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 Halloween

Yesterday, October 31st the management decided to have a small gathering for the Halloween in our pantry. There were contests for costumes (male & female), pair & the creepiest station. My team decided on a theme, The Plants vs. Zombies. I was assigned to be the sunflower. I was told to wear any green top and make a head piece resembling a sunflower. However, I got so many things to do last weekend so I wasn't able to come up with any but I made sure to wear something unusual from my common outfits.

 So I wore this.

1. White Bolero 
2. Green sando
3. High-waist & laced black skirt/tutu(?)

I was a little bit anxious at how people in the office will think about it but when I arrived in the office I was t he one who got surprised. They were all clad in real costumes. So I was happy cuz my outfit didn't seem out of place & a lot of people liked the skirt. 

Me posing with Mark & Gizette

Here's Jon acting on his character. The 'zombie'

Mark & a colleague

The Creepiest Station

WOW! As in WOW! Super in character siya. She's from another team.

Gem in Jessie of Toy Story. 

The Lafang! 

Ms. MJ looking like SADAKO

Mark who's supposed to be a Zombie looked like the Dark Knight

My good friend Tina.

Ms. MJ in her SADAKO character

Roma looking scary. 

I had so much fun looking at the pictures on Facebook. Unfortunately, I had early sessions so I wasn't able to roam around the office to personally see my colleagues creativity & efforts. I so like their dedication.

On a different note....

I've just been pondering on why Halloween is celebrated. Why do people need to wear costumes? Is it some kind of marketing strategy for costume & pumpkin stores? I don't want to go into details of how or when it originated. I just wanna know what's the sense? So I came up with  my own assumptions. 

Perhaps it is for people to be crazy once a year & be someone else. The need to break out & free yourself from who you are. 

Special  thanks to my colleague Lara pala for all these wonderful pictures. 



  1. That looked fun! :D Happy Halloween to you, Jill!

  2. I love the skirt too!!! :)

    Your colleagues really made the effort to dress up and decorate their stations...nice...

    I don't like dressing up and wearing costumes for events but I enjoy looking at people who do. :)

  3. @Helen - Thanks Helen!!

    @April - yeah. same thing here. I like looking at them but I don't want to dress up.


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