Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weird Dream

I had this dream last night. 

I won a contest daw on TV & a mail was sent to me containing some pamphlets &  tickets to Singapore. I won daw a trip to Singapore, all expense-paid & may pocket money pa! Bongga diba? Plus I could bring two of my friends daw on the trip. Now that where the story evolved. I was torn between two people. My friends knew about it & expected na sila isasama ko. So I ended up asking them to a rock-scissor paper game to decide who'd come with me. I felt like I didn't like the result & most of my friends turned their backs on me because they were not chosen. 

Then a new scene. It's in Singapore & everybody was there much to my surprise. 

That's how it ended. 

Ang weird no?

How about you? What weird dreams have you had recently?

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