Thursday, November 17, 2011

Credit Goes To...

I've once seen this banner/tarpaulin promoting a rock band event in our barangay. Being the stingy person that I am, I got so interested when I saw the word 'FREE'. So of course I searched for details like the venue, time, participating bands & etc..To my dismay, WALA AKO NAKITA. Puro mukha lang ng mayor at ng anak niyang balak ata mag mayor din. When I closely took a look at the tarpaulin....I saw why. It's just one of those 'ad campaigns' I see plastered all over the city. What a waste of tax payer's money. 

That's why this new "Anti Epal Bill" which I read about from yahoo gets all my support. 

It reads: 

It has become almost standard practice: politicians plastering their names and faces on projects funded by taxpayers.

To counter this self-praise, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago filed a bill, now commonly referred to as “Anti-Epal Bill,” prohibiting public officials to affix their name or image to any signage on a proposed or ongoing public works project.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago
So far, I haven't heard anybody who's brave enough to come out & oppose this bill. Mapaghahalataan nga naman silang GUILTY diba? 

It has become an eyesore wherever we go like the pictures posted below: 

[Images randomly taken from Google images]

Why would you affix your name in a project as if you were the one who funded it?  That is ridiculous but it seems that people have just gotten used to it. 

Sometimes you might be surprised that these placards/signs are even larger than the projects itself. 

The new University of Caloocan City building in Camarin.
Some people call this building ni Recom since his name & 'smiley' logo are all over the place. 

UCC's Student Handbook bearing the mayor's infamous face.

You might say that I am pinpointing only Caloocan City in particular but no. I am just writing what I notice. 

You know, if you're from Caloocan it'd be  impossible to ignore the mayor & his son's faces. They are all over the place. literally. From public school id's, medals, graduation invitations, certificates, streets, gates, sidewalks. AS IN! They are publicizing themselves too much & I'm getting sick of it. 

I hope this bill gets passed ASAP! 


  1. indeed Jill. sa totoo lang, dito, very impressive ang infrastructure but you will never know kung kaninong initiative ang project kase they know they owe it to the people, they want to give back so talagang pinapaganda nila ang lugar nila. paganda ng paganda ang korea. siguro kung meron man, yung "halsema highway" and the "tunnel" along marcos highway na ang pinakaokay na project na nakita ko pero sobra din ang corruption don (halsema project). minsan wala or delayed yata ang bayad sa contractor so delayed din ang pasahod nito sa workers non. samantalang di naman nadedelay ang pagbayad ng tao ng taxes. sa ilang taon na panhik panaog ako ng baguio-manila, sandamakmak na billboards makikita mong project ni ganito at ganon ang nakadisplay pero ganon pa rin ang kalsada, bulok.. year after year, saan kaya napupunta ang budget, at inuutang pa ang how many percent kase kulang? haaay...

  2. natawa ako sa pics..^^; every time I go to Caloocan, yung smiley na may bigote is everywhere! Now, tuwing nakakakita ako ng smiley..parang kulang na pag walang bigote! >_< And pag foreigner might even mistake Caloocan's name as "Recom / Echiverri"..argh.. I support anti-epal bill! lol.

  3. @Jehan: that's a very depressing fact Ms. Jehan.

    @Laine: I like this line of yours. hahah super tawa ko talaga. I totally agree. "And pag foreigner might even mistake Caloocan's name as "Recom / Echiverri"

  4. Isang totoong sample ng ka epalan super EPAL Pass the Anti-Epal Bill NOW !!!


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