Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Ever Win!

I feel like a 'curse' has finally been lifted. 

I don't remember how or when but my experiences in life gave me the impression that I couldn't have a chance of winning any contest. So I never bothered joining any raffle draws, lottery & etc. But just my recent blog giveaway win from Jehan's Addictions changed my perspective. 

Last weekend I saw this post declaring me the winner & I got super duper happy! And I couldn't be happier when I saw who the 'culprit' was. It was a little angel named Soo Ae whom I am very fond of.  It was all I'm waiting for. Since then I've had that confidence to join bloggers' contests & raffles. 

Thank you so much Soo Ae & Ms. Jehan of Jehan's Addictions !! 

The Prize

Soo Ae ♥♥♥♥

Soo Ae picking the winner! 

dun dun dun..

And VOILA that's my name!! 

There you go! ♥♥♥

All pictures here courtesy of  Jehan's Addictions 


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