Thursday, February 25, 2010

..the image that shattered my day.. T.T

This is the image I'm talking about... Jehan posted a link where I could watch the 'Kim Yu Na Experience'. I was very excited & you know..the feeling like.."oh my this is it"???

then I saw this and oh.................................................



I'm an avid fan of Kim Yu Na.

Why am I deprived of the opportunity to watch her in winter olympics??


why oh why???

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blind People as Call Center Agents

this was a news way back last year but I've just read it today...(proves how outdated I am..hehehe)

...becauase of lack of Philippines' manpower in call centers the government has innovated a new trend...employing blind people as call center agents...

Next week, the Philippines will open its first ever call center that only employs blind persons, a milestone in the struggle of disabled people to cross the digital

The facility’s customized outbound call center software and refreshable
Braille display as hardware will allow totally blind individuals to provide
customer assistance while listening to the client on the phone and reading the
responses in Braille.

With the technology, the blind will hopefully gain
the same speed and efficiency as the sighted call center agent, ATRIEV

The launching ceremony for the project will be held on October 20
ATRIEV’s Training Center for the Blind in Quezon City.

The project is expected to be presented at the APEC Conference to be held in Singapore in November 2009. - GMANews.TV

Read the full article here:

This is a good opportunity for the blind to also become productive despite their handicap.... this will lessen unemployment and of course boost the economy.. really good idea right??? what do you think??? hahha but I think this should also be applicable to other handicap like crippled...hahha wag lang deaf & mute. siyempre.

I don't know effective this has become for I really don't hear any news about such... maybe it was just a plan???

Monday, February 22, 2010

.just updates.

I am too tired to post a worthwhile one right now. I was given additional work loads and the connection here in the office has been shut down from 2 hours after I settled in my station until now. I dunno what has been happening. T'was really a headache being unable to navigate through my "must read/visit" sites of the day.. I felt handicapped. I justrealize how dependent I've grown to the internet.


At last I am able to buy my own PC and it is now in my rented room...but it's still not working...still needs to fix something, buy this & buy that..but I am happy. Seeing it in my room makes me feel so giddy & thrilled of the things I could possibly do with it. next thing I' gonna earn for is the connection. But I'm having a hard time which one to avail. Some say broadband is good but others contest...they say DSL is better.

what do you think?? I am really clueless...

need some help here.

Friday, February 12, 2010 sentimental..

... "family is an integral and major part of one's life."
"yeah right!!" -- I'd been hearing this numerous times from different people, friends & teachers. I just shrugged it off... "okay!!" I said.

in short I was apathetic about these things about family.. of course I have a family.. they were always behind me..and they made sure to just stay there...andun lang talaga sila palagi. sa likod.. they never bothered to look after me... .

"we trust you!"

"whatever you do we will support it"

they always say that... but instead of feeling good.. i felt bad. I took it negatively. So I struggled on my own..for my own. and just these days I realized it's importance.

I never would have been the girl that I am now...(independent & steadfast)

I used to think they exist so as for me to have something to call a family...para di ako mapahiya sa friends and classmates..ganun

now they served as my inspiration... i should prove that I'm worthy of the trust!


haissst....I'm just being so sentimental about these things coz my Mom will soon go back to the province again..she'd been staying with me for just a week...

ayun lang! not enough time for her to compensate for the times she missed to look after me. naglalambing lang naman ako..heheh anyway...

change topic bago magkaiyakan.

woooshh! katatapos lang ng fire works s alabas ng building... may dragon dance pa!! nice pero may traffic jam din..kaya masaya na inis mga driver..

gotta go!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Message to April

..just wanna reach April through this. (

I've read your post about 'The Other Avatar" and I so love to express my opinion about it..I made a comment but then your comment form doesn't show the space where I'm supposed to write the code/word... just wonderin..

hope she you can read this. By the way April, your posts are nice...I'm looking forward to more of it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mulan The Movie - Free Online Watching

Mulan The Movie - Free Online Watching

I am still wiping my tears from watching Mulan The Movie....still so deeply immersed & affected by the sacrifice Wen Tai & Mulan gave for the peace of their country. How can love make you feel so wonderful yet hurt you so much at the same time?

yeah that's right.. i felt love in the movie for the first time. I am not really that kind who easily falls for romantic movies. This one is just so touching...I rate the movie 9.5 out of 10. I don't wanna narrate the movie. the way I'd like to thank Laine for introducing the movie to me.

I've never heard of this movie until I've read a comment of a blogger here. She mentioned that she want to watch the said movie. Then I followed that lead & did some research. I found the complete parts of movie on youtube.

here it is:

Have fun watching!! ^^

Part 1/11

Part 2/11

Part 3/11

Part 4/11

Part 5/11

Part 6/11

Part 7/11

Part 8/11

Paer 9/11

Part 10/11

Part 11/11

by the way.... thanks to Mulan2009Movie
for the videos!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My love named volleyball

I feel like a 60-year old lady right now. I can't walk straight. I can't be my bubbly self. I can't laugh hard without hurting my muscles. I can't jump & stretch like the way I used to here in the office. I can't visit my colleagues/friends' stations & annoy them. I can't even take my seat in my station without having cramps all over my body... o sakit ng buong katawan ko!!

And that is in exchange of the thrill, excitement & fat-lessening game called volleyball!

I played volleyball all weekend after my classes in school. It is in preparation for our Intramurals. Although I barely have enough sleep because of my studies & work schedule I still made sure that I can play for this year's intramurals. I love the game! actually...very much!! since I was like in gradeschool. But I wasn't given the opportunity. I chased oppurtunities then but they were evading me. Plus I didn't get any support from my parents so I was truly frustrated and discouraged. The game I loved soon left me. But after few year, the passion came back & making it's way into the limelight. not exactly. Now that I am fully independent from anyone I think I can now pursue it. But still obstacles come along. I have work and midterm exams but I will not let it again pass without even greeting me. I'll sacrifice some of my time & supposed to be rests for this. I don't wanna regret again that I did not try. This time I wanna make sure I failed after trying not failed to try.

I am not getting any younger you know... maybe in the future I'll have all the time for it but it wouldn't be the same. I will not be more energetic & vigorous in the future. I have to do this now.

It s now or never.

Friday, February 5, 2010

..buti na lang!!

.... Just wanna post here how blessed I am to have such considerate & understanding professors!!!

they are Sir Dantay & Company. I respect them so much.>>

>>Thnak you Lord!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brian in Jeollanam-do to vanish soon???

I've been following Brian in Jeollanam-do blog... and I've been facsinated at how thought provoking his posts are. I even tried to paint him in my mind hoping to somehow visualize his emotions while blogging. I imagine him being a typical american guy full of grievances & anger.

Today Feb. 3, 2010 I have finally seen his picture on the web. (he looks a bit different than I expected)

Brian Deutsch, a well-known Internet blogger, is leaving the country and concluding his blogging career this month.
/ Korea Times Photo by JR Breen

But in the news on KoreaTimes it said that he'll be leaving his blog. I just don't know why. Sayang... madalas pa naman siyang magupdat ng kung anu ano about Korea. Also according to the article the man you see above has put Jeollanam-do on the map and he is given the title as "the angriest blogger in KOrea".

Read the full article from KOrea Times here: click here.


I've just read his recent post about the article in KoreaTimes & I found this:

"I saw down with J.R. Breen for two hours on January 28th, and the result is in the Korea Times today. We talk about me, my blog, and what it will become when I leave Korea. Expect fuller comments in a few days, and expect regular blogging to continue for the next month or so."